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? 17 reasons to do a yin yoga therapy training in India ?

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If you are considering doing a yin yoga therapy training in India, we completely understand you! India is an absolutely magical country, not to mention the birthplace of yoga. The culture is fascinating, the nature is absolutely stunning, the people of India are kind and welcoming, the food is mouthwatering and delicious, and it is just the most perfect place to do yoga teacher training. We just know you will love every second of your yin yoga therapy training in beautiful India.

The Body-Mind-Soul Centre in Goa

During our yin yoga therapy training in India, not only will you get a chance to explore an interesting country, you will also get the opportunity to dive deep into the world of yin yoga and your own personal yoga practice. We will teach you everything you need to know about yin yoga, give you the tools you need for teaching so you can start teaching right away, and we will go deep into the healing aspects of yin yoga as this is a yin yoga therapy training in India as opposed to “just”  yoga teacher training. This means we will look at how we can use yin yoga (and other healing tools like acupressure and Dan Tien breathing) as a therapeutic practice depending on the problem.

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While there are many reasons to do a yin yoga therapy training in India, we have tried to narrow it down to 17 reasons. Here we go:

17 reasons to do a yin yoga therapy training in India

1- India is the birthplace of yoga

As already mentioned in the introduction, India is the birthplace of yoga. It is believed that yoga is more than 5,000 years old, and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are more than 2,000 years old! The practice has, of course, evolved and changed over the past 5,000 years but the heart of the practice has not really changed. At least, not if you practice in a more traditional sense and you study the philosophy of yoga too. Yoga is so much more than stretching the body, reaching your toes, and doing handstands.

We could write a whole blog post about the history of yoga but for now let us stop the history lesson here. But needless to say that doing a yoga teacher training in the country where yoga has its long roots is a magical experience and if you have the opportunity and the financial means as a yogi going to India is something you just have to do. Your heart is probably already yearning to go there.

2- The good weather

Our yin yoga teacher training India is in Goa where the weather is just amazing. Well, maybe except for the monsoon season where you will need a big umbrella, rubber boots, and a raincoat if you plan to visit Goa during this season. However, the rest of the year the weather is warm, sunny, and just beautiful. If you love sunshine, you will love Goa!

3- You will meet like-minded people

No matter where you do a yoga teacher training you will meet like-minded people, but when you do a yin yoga therapy training in India you most likely will meet even more. India attracts yogis from all over the world practicing all styles of yoga. So not only will you meet other yogis at the actual training, but you will most likely also bump into many other yogis while sipping chai at a cafe, shopping at the local boutiques, and generally just while exploring the area.

Also, generally, you most likely will find that you connect very well with the Indians. While not everyone is practicing yoga, the principles of yoga are very much present in Indian culture, and we are sure you will fall in love with the amazing country and its people.

4- Emerge yourself in the culture

Doing a yin yoga therapy training in India gives you the perfect opportunity to truly emerge yourself in the culture. You will be here for at least a couple of weeks, you will be surrounded by the culture, and you will be able to experience it first-hand. From going to a local café and drinking a chai, to chatting with the locals, to eating the local food, to going to a market. You can experience the hustle and bustle of a bigger city which is actually something we think you should experience. It’s fun, crazy, chaotic, and different from any European city. Naturally, you will also experience the serenity of the peaceful beaches and the breezes in the palms. You will also experience blackouts which is just a part of living in India, and you will find that whatever it is you needed the wi-fi for can probably wait, and instead you can take a stroll on the beach, watch the local play football until the power comes back, read a book and just be in the present moment.
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5- Eat delicious food

Who does not love Indian food? The food you will eat while staying with us is delicious, mouthwatering, and yummy! We know you will love every meal during your training.

6- Experience a completely different culture

Most of our students are from Europe and are used to a western/European culture. Going to India is your chance to experience a completely different culture. Right from the moment you step out of the airport you can tell you are no longer in Europe. The streets are full of cute cows (cows are holy in India), you will hear significantly more honking when walking around, Goa is full of lush palms, you will get a chai no matter where you go, people are generally dressed much more colorful than in Europe, people in India are much more relaxed about time, in fact, they are rarely “on time”, people are living more in the moment and they, at least from the outside, seem to worry less than we do in Europe. We could go on and on about the culture but ultimately you have to experience this amazing culture and country for yourself because trying to describe it will never do it justice.

7- Experience the peace, calm and serenity of Goa

As mentioned our yin yoga therapy training in India is in Goa, which is just an absolutely amazing place to be. You probably will not want to leave once you arrive. With white-sand beaches, lush greenery, and big palm trees the nature is stunningly beautiful. No matter where you go and in which direction you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of Goa. Movies from India are often showcasing India as chaotic, dirty, and full of traffic but India is so much more. Goa is such a peaceful place, and you will be able to find empty stretches on beautiful beaches and collect seashells at the beach, and you can easily find quiet spots and enjoy a moment of total peace. You will feel at one with nature, and you will be able to find profound calm, grounding, healing, and peace in these beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

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8- Expand your comfort zone

Attending a yin yoga therapy training in India will take you outside your comfort zone. But really, who wants to stay in their comfort zone forever? Sure, it is comfortable and safe, and it certainly can be nice to sometimes just breathe, stay still, and stay in your comfort zone for a bit of time, but eventually, we have to leave our comfort zone to grow, heal, learn new things, open ourselves up to new experiences and live an interesting life.

If it is your first time in India, just going to India will take you outside your comfort zone but doing a yoga teacher training will also take you outside your comfort zone. You will embark on a personal journey, and we will ask you to step outside your comfort zone. But we promise you that you will go home feeling more courageous, bold, calm, peaceful, grounded, daring and confident.

9- Combine your teacher training with traveling

Doing your teacher training in India is the perfect opportunity to combine it with traveling in India. Many of our students either arrive in India a couple of weeks before the training or stay for a couple of weeks afterwards to explore India a bit more. You can stay in Goa and explore the area even more but you can also travel to Mysore if you are interested in Ashtanga, Rishikesh up north which is also a bit of a yoga hub, you can go see the Taj Mahal or anywhere else you have always dreamed of seeing in India.

10- Go on a transformational journey

When you embark on a yin yoga therapy training India, you embark on a transformational journey. We have already touched upon it earlier in the post but you will leave feeling more calm, grounded, peaceful, bold, and confident but you will also have to look at some hard stuff during the training, and it won’t feel nice and easy all the time. Transforming can be painful but we know you will leave feeling more healed and more like yourself.

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11- Attractive prices

It is no secret that India is a lot cheaper than many other countries, and therefore we can also offer training courses at attractive prices. It is a win-win.

12- The experience of a lifetime

Let’s face it; most of us cannot go to India to do a yoga teacher training every year (although that certainly would be great!) so this is an experience of a lifetime! Explore India, the birthplace of yoga, while going on a personal transformation journey. This really will be an experience of a lifetime that you will look back on for years to come.

13- Time dedicated to just studying yoga

When we’re caught up in our daily life with work, studying, going to the grocery store, doing the laundry, cooking dinner, paying bills, cleaning, taking the car to the mechanic … We often only have a bit of time each day to dedicate to our yoga practice and yoga studies. When you go on yin yoga therapy training in India you truly dedicate time to just focusing on your yoga studies and your yoga practice. You don’t have to worry about laundry, cooking, a work problem … You can just focus on yoga. Isn’t that wonderful? To just emerge and dive deep into the world of yoga for days on end without worrying about much else?

14- The land of peace and spirituality 

India is the land of peace and spirituality. Yoga has its roots in historic India, and it shows in the culture. You can both see and feel the spirituality, and while not everything in India is peaceful, there is an underlying sense of peace that you will just have to come experience for yourself.

15- Go shopping

Okay, this probably should not be the only reason you go to India, but honestly, it is a good reason. You can get so many beautiful scarfs, dresses, teas, oils and so much more in India. If you love everything colorful, you probably will need to make sure to have plenty of space in your suitcase for your purchases.

16- Drink your weight in chai

You cannot go to India and not drink chai. There is just no way. The chais in India are not like the big chai lattes we get in Europe. They are smaller, thicker, and much more delicious!

17- Learn to be more in the moment and worry less

As we already mentioned briefly earlier, people in Indian are generally a bit better at living in the moment. They seem to worry slightly less than many of us Europeans, and they just seem to be more present. When you go to India, whether you want to or not, you will be forced to also be more in the present moment. You will have to deal with frequent blackouts, not knowing when power will come back on, you will have to deal with cab drivers being late and generally just a slower-paced lifestyle where you are still on time if you show up an hour after you agreed to meet up.

While this can be a little bit frustrating for Europeans, it also forces us to let go of the control and be more in the present moment. And don’t we all want to be more present? Well, India will force you to be more present.

We hope that this post has inspired you to travel all the way to India and do your yoga teacher training in this incredible country. You will not regret it!

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FAQs on Yin Yoga Therapy training in India

Q1- How long does it take to become a yoga therapist?

The field of yoga therapy is relatively new and there are no agreed-on definitions of what yoga therapy is, who is qualified to do it, or how much and what kind of training is necessary, there is no licensure or accreditation of practitioners. In general, the amount of training you’ll need depends on what type of therapy you’ll be doing, the type of students you’re likely to work with, and the nature of the problems for which they consult you.

Q2-Which yoga teacher training is best in India?

It is a difficult task to find the right yoga teacher training program, where you feel connected and enabled to explore the inward journey. It takes years of experience and practice to encourage people across countries and cultures to immerse into this process. A great training does not just provide the information to learn a new skill, it will be an experience of a lifetime. So rather than just booking a popular school, reach out to the people who will teach you and see if you find that connection.

Q3-How much money do yoga therapists make?

Most yoga therapists know the struggle of trying to earn a living while doing what they love. According to PayScale, the average starting hourly rate in USD is $25.04 / hour. However, the scale is wide open, especially once a teacher is well known or specialized. In a very fast-growing market, it might be just the right time to follow your passion now. When you are at the right time, in the right place, you can combine a very lucrative job with a soulful and healthy lifestyle.

Q4- Is yoga a good career?

The yoga and wellness sector has definitely experienced a boom and especially yoga is the to-go-to activity symbolizing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So the people providing this service are not only high in demand but also very respected, and all of that while they are doing the best for their own health and wellbeing! But being a yoga teacher also is a commitment to these qualities.

Q5- Can you make a living as a yoga instructor?

Yes, but you might need to offer more than teaching yoga. Most yoga teachers use their skill as a side job, teaching a few classes a week but you also could add to it by

  1. Be full-time employed by a studio by adding organizational skills.
  2. Open your own studio.
  3. Specialize and offer themed workshops.
  4. Offer yoga holidays and retreats.
  5. Offering yoga classes to corporate firms is a more lucrative option.
  6. Become a teacher trainer for a yoga institute.

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