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23 Reasons to do a Yin Yoga TTC

Yin Yoga Therapy Training Maldives Nov 2021

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Do you yearn for something more? Something deeper? Do you see yourself living a slower, more fulfilling life? Do you wish to dive deep into the world of yoga? Then a yin yoga ttc might just be what you are looking for.



YIN YOGA TTC by Yin Yoga Therapy Training


With a yin yoga ttc you will get a solid understanding of yin yoga as a healing modality, you will learn all the essential elements of yin yoga with more time to integrate and practice the therapeutic and mindfulness aspects. During the training, we will dive deep into how you can apply yin yoga as therapy. When you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation. 

We will demystify how energy affects everything you do and feel, and show you how to work with your body and mind. During your yin yoga ttc you will learn about acupressure points applied in the poses and sequencing according to physical and emotional issues.

You will learn everything you need to know for your yin yoga certification and additionally get to know simple principles, tools, and practices that balance your subtle body, which is how physical, emotional and spiritual healing begins, so you can build vitality, unravel energetic blockages, and boost your immunity.

When you complete your training not only will you receive your yin yoga certification, you will also feel stronger, more balanced, healthier, and better able to thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live.

Still not fully convinced that a yin yoga ttc is the most fantastic idea ever? Luckily for you, we have gathered 23 reasons to do a yin yoga ttc.


surfing-image-soul yin yoga ttc

 surfing-image-soul yin yoga ttc


23 reasons to do a yin yoga ttc


1 – Time dedicated to study yoga

Between work, doing the laundry, cooking dinner, and paying the bills it’s not easy finding oceans of time purely devoted to yoga. Perhaps you are lucky enough to practice yoga for an hour or two every day, but chances are you don’t have a whole lot of time to study yoga besides your practice.

During a teacher training you will have nothing but time to devote to studying yoga. This is such a luxury that, if possible, you should allow yourself. You will not regret it! You don’t have to worry about everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping… Instead, you can simply dive deep into the world of yoga and soak up all the knowledge.


2 – Cultivate more awareness in your life

So many people in this world live without awareness. It’s almost like we’re stuck on a conveyor belt or in a hamster wheel, just doing what everyone else is doing or doing what we’re told to do

When you start practicing yoga you naturally start cultivating more awareness, and that awareness will transcend through every aspect of your life. When we live with awareness our life becomes so much richer, fuller, better, and we truly begin to live.


3 – Learn about the fascia and how to work with it

Fascia is such an interesting topic, and you most likely will have heard of it during a yin yoga class. Scientists and doctors alike are still discovering all the secrets of fascia but they have already come a long way since they started studying fascia.

We will teach you all about the fascia, what it is, why and how yin yoga specifically targets the fascia, and why it’s even important to exercise our fascia. You will finish this training feeling confident about mentioning fascia in your yoga classes and you will also be able to answer questions from curious students when they come up to you and ask you “so, what exactly is this fascia thing?”.


practice yin yoga ttc sri lanka

Practice yin yoga ttc Sri Lanka


4 – Embrace your body as it is

So many people in this world are at war with their bodies, and we bring that war right into the yoga shalas thinking we will be happier once we lose those last 5 kg, we can do a headstand, we can get our legs behind our head…

But truthfully we will not be happier by simply accomplishing any of the above things. In yoga we work with the body as it is, and we embrace the body exactly as it is without looking to change it.

Once you start embracing your body as it is, you will become so much happier.


5 – Teach yoga in-person or online

Once you have completed your yin yoga ttc you will be able to teach yin yoga both in-person and online. Online teaching has become significantly more popular recently (especially during COVID-19), and you will absolutely be able to teach yin yoga online after completing your training. 

Of course, teaching yin yoga in-person is also something you can do, and if we say so ourselves teaching yin yoga in-person is just magical.


6 – Learn about ancient healing tools

During the training we will teach you about the Daoist elements, the meridians, acupressure points and much more. All these ancient healing tools are easy to integrate into your daily life when you return home, and we think you will be rather amazed at just how powerful these ancient healing tools actually are.


7 – Go on your own transformational journey

To embark on a yin yoga ttc is to embark on a transformational journey. You will feel much healthier, happier, more balanced, more healed, more in alignment, and more like yourself after your training.

It won’t always feel pleasant and nice. Transformation can sometimes be painful. But that is okay. That is a part of the process, and you will come out on the other side an even better version of yourself.

practice 2 yin yoga ttc sri lanka

Practice 2 yin yoga ttc Sri Lanka


8 – Work with your flexibility

Of course yoga in general will improve your flexibility but in yin yoga we very specially target the fascia, and therefore yin yoga is in particular very good for our flexibility and mobility. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore and work with your own flexibility.


9 – Learn about the yin yoga poses

We will teach you all there is to know about the yin yoga poses during the training. Many of the poses will probably be familiar to you from previous yin yoga (and other yoga classes). However, in yin yoga we work with the poses differently than we do in yang yoga, and therefore it is very important to look at each pose closely, so you know exactly how we do the poses in yin yoga.


10 – Learn how to modify yin yoga poses

Just like in any style of yoga, sometimes modifying a pose is necessary in yin yoga. You will have students that have injuries, sensitive knees or for some other reason will have to modify certain poses, and as a teacher it is important that you can tell and show people how to modify any pose.


11 – Understand the meridians and how to work with them

The meridians are another interesting topic to explore. You will get a good understanding of the meridians and how to work with them during the training. It’s a very interesting topic with a lot to cover but you will get to know a lot during your time with us.


12 – Create yin yoga classes for the meridians and elements

Not only will you learn about the meridians and the elements; you will also learn how to create yin classes for the meridians and the elements. We know you will find this very exciting!


13 – Learn about the five elements of Daoism

We will teach you about the five elements of Daoism; water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. We will dive deep into each element, and we will also look at how the elements work together.


14 – Learn about Yin Yoga as a healing and therapeutic practice

There is no doubt about it; yin yoga is both a very healing and therapeutic practice. Both physically, mentally, and energetically. While yin yoga cannot stand alone it can be a wonderful supplement in any healing journey, and we have both personally experienced the healing powers of yin yoga, and we have witnessed it with our students as well.


15 – You will learn about mindfulness and how to integrate it in your practice and life

We integrate the principles of mindfulness into our yin yoga practice. Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years, however, it’s ancient and we can benefit greatly from integrating mindfulness principles into both our yin yoga practice and our life. We will teach you what mindfulness is, and you can personally integrate into your life and yoga practice.


IMG_7360 yin yoga ttc

yin yoga ttc


16 – Learn about the theory of yin and yang

There is no learning about yin yoga without also learning about the theory of yin and yang. The theory of yin and yang is another very exciting topic with a lot of ground to cover. However, we will do our best to provide you with a solid foundation of this theory so you can speak about it confidently while teaching yin yoga.


17 – Understand what chi is and how to balance your chi

In yin yoga we talk a lot about chi (oftentimes referred to as prana in other styles of yoga). Chi runs in our meridians, and therefore we naturally work our chi when we do yin yoga. During your yin yoga ttc you will get an understanding of what chi is, exactly how we work with chi in yin yoga, and how you can balance your chi with yin yoga.


18 – Support others in their healing journey

As already mentioned, yin yoga is a healing and therapeutic practice which means you will be able to better support your students in their healing journey; whether physical, mental or energetic. We will also talk about how you as a yoga teacher can create a safe environment in your classes where people feel safe enough to let go, and if need be, come to you for guidance. It’s very important that we as yoga teachers create a very safe environment for our students as some of them come with trauma and other things they are working through.


19 – Explore a different culture while studying yoga

We have teacher trainings in many exotic locations. India, Bali, Sri Lanka, the Maldives… All locations that have a completely different culture than the western world, and also cultures that are worth exploring. Whether you decide to simply explore the culture during the training or you wish to explore more before or after the training, is completely up to you. We know you will be amazed by the culture either way!

There is something very special about exploring other cultures, and it will do wonders for your self-development journey, and as a person it will make you grow.


20 – Feel stronger, healthier and more balanced

We have already said this earlier but it’s worth mentioning again. Every student has completed their yin yoga teacher training feeling stronger, healthier, and more balanced. You will be able to better thrive in the life that you are meant to live.


21 – Aesthetic vs. functional alignment

This is a topic that is being talked more and more about in the yoga community, and we will teach you the difference between aesthetic and functional alignment, and why more and more people are starting to teach functional alignment.


22 – Meet like-minded people

A yoga teacher training will be full of like-minded people, and we are sure you will get along great with everyone, and you will have lots in common. All our students are wonderful people who love yoga and love living the yogi life.

23 – Start living the life of your dreams

Maybe you have been longing to start living the life of your dreams? To create and design a life you love. We hear you. Why not start right now? Signing up for a yin yoga ttc is the first step towards living the life of your dreams. Because believe us, you can live your dream life. It is within reach, and it is waiting for you. So start taking steps towards it now.

If you have any questions about our trainings, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to answer all your questions.



Wanna know what our students say about our Yin Yoga ttc program?

“This has been the best journey on and off the mat ever. Alexandra is absolutely amazing as a teacher and a person. She is the guru of yin yoga and leads you so gently on your path to becoming a good yoga teacher while transforming yourself on a personal level at the same time.

All the detailed and high-quality materials provided will guide you on your teacher journey when you get back home.

Alexandra works with amazing teachers who all embrace you and have so much knowledge to share.

The place in the jungle is absolutely stunning, the staff are so helpful and you feel safe. We enjoyed delicious daily vegetarian food prepared with love while overlooking the beautiful jungle and ocean.

I will definitely see if I can join Alexandra somewhere in the world another time. Thank you for everything and for sharing your wisdom with us all.”

Signe - yoga therapy training india

Yoga Therapy Training India

Signe Bøtter-Jensen – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Denmark



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