From our former students

Kind words

“I had the pleasure of doing a 200 Yin Yoga TTC with Alex and her team. All of them are amazing people who love to share their knowledge, I got so much information! Meridians, asanas, the human body and more. There wasn’t a question that was left unanswered. One of my favourite parts was that we began teaching ourselves as soon as possible, so we got to practice the theory first-hand multiple times. Their energy created a safe space to succeed and fail. Every student’s class was analyzed in order to give us a better understanding of how to improve according to our abilities and personalities. In the end, what I loved most was that Alex and her team are truly passionate about what they’re doing and are generous with sharing it.”

Yael Kovalivker – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Israel

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from our former students

Kind words

“Feel super blessed to have had this opportunity to do a yin yoga therapy course. We live in such a yang (active) world. Always on our toes. So to learn and apply the concept of yin in life feels like a real treat. As I give vinyasa classes and I really loved practicing yin and I’ve found this combination of vinyasa and yin to be beautiful. They go really well together.

To get a deeper understanding from a real acupuncturist (Alex) and understand how the meridian (energy) lines work and how they are connected to the different organs and what are the emotions attached to it was  a brilliant bonus! Specially since I’m also into bodywork. This was giving me a deeper insight to the anatomy from oriental medicine perspective. I have learnt and touched concepts that were “beautifully” integrated! 

Forever grateful and SO in love with Alex! 

She is a extraordinarily wonderful guide and creates such a serene and safe space for all of us to feel our best, gain the most and guiding in the best possible way. By letting things just flow into its rightful space! Truly living the Taoist way of life! I just felt super humbled and extremely grateful to have been a part of this journey! Thank you BODY-MIND-SOUL CENTER 💙”

Tara Kurian – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in India

“Super grateful! To be honest, at first I was doubtful but something deep inside me told me that I had to go, so I did.

And I came back feeling reborn.

I know this sounds cheesy but I really feel like something clicked during this course and I started to understand what healing really means and what it feels like in the body. It was such an intense but beautiful journey.

The location is just perfect, I still remember the first yoga class we had and I did not want to close my eyes because the sight was just to beautiful, jungle trees (+ monkeys! :D) all around.

I immediately felt save, accepted and inspired. Mostly because of Alex and her loving vibes but also the other teachers, they are all very special with a lot of knowledge. I could feel this course coming from the heart, all so well organized and taken care off. That’s probably why this experience also went straight into my heart where it took a very special place.”

Lieke Vernooy – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the Netherlands

“An experience of a lifetime! It’s hard to find the words to describe this training. It was a mix of challenging, soul searching, beautiful, safe and so many other things. I truly feel so many of us came out the other side with a different view on life and yin yoga.

Alex has such a beautiful approach to TCM and yin yoga, and she teaches it in a way that challenges the experienced and makes it understandable for beginner. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and inspiring.

I loved every minute of my time here, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a yin yoga training.”

Marte Nerdahl – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Norway

“I had been teaching yin as a self-taught practitioner for several years and felt the calling to be trained and confident in what I knew.

This retreat really stood out as a therapy program, that merged both western and eastern modalities. I really liked that Alex was an acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable in healing, breath work, eastern medicine and yin.

The location was amazing and I felt the schedule was well put together and manageable. There were a lot of amazing additions to our training, such as Kirtan, sharing circles and even an acupuncture circle. The staff at our accommodation was SO nice and the view, WOW. Thank you Alex, it was wonderful!”

Alana Kane – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the USA


“Incredible online yin yoga training. Highly recomended! I participated  in training online with Alex and four other amazing, talented, lovely women. I had no idea what to expect from training online but feel wholly satisfied and in awe, by the high-level training, conversations, and knowledge I gained from this intimate experience with Alex and the other participants.

I walk away with a wealth of insight and a new awakening to healing. I highly recommend this training to anyone with an interest in Yin yoga, you will not be disappointed! I hope to meet you in Goa, Alex!

Andrea Wilkins, Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in South Korea


“Alex provided a superb course to us. I have learnt a lot from her and even through the Internet, I can feel her love and passion to her work and Yin Yoga. She is so knowledgeable and willing to share with others. She is an amazing teacher and healer. Thank you Alex and I would love to see you again in India.”

Yannis Chung – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador from Hong Kong


“Inspiring and educational experience!”

I really enjoyed this 50hr Yin Yoga Therapy training! Alexandra is a very inspiring person and I feel grateful for all the knowledge that she shared with us. I’m looking forward to apply all the techniques in my personal life and to transmit all this wisdom throughout my classes. Thank you Alex and I hope we’ll meet again 🙂 love, Kathelijne”

Kathelijne Schaaphok – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Louxembourg


“I loved this online training and really recommend it. Even if it was online, we were really able to connect with Alexandra. She was such an amazing teacher and gave us so much knowledge and learning. I had an amazing time during the theory part as well as the practice which felt really amazing. Each day’s practices felt so great and gave us such a great understanding of yin yoga and the tools to teach it. So, thank you Alexandra for this amazing time and amazing training !”

Eloise  Candau – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in France


“I recommend this training because it will give you more than you can imagine. Not only Alexandra is full of knowledge, very professional, experienced and thrall but she also inspires as a teacher, healer, someone who enricher and loves to share with who attends her training. 

I was planning to come to Goa for training but attended the Online program instead. I must admit I am in awe of the vastness of the program teachings and I hope to come to Goa and meet in live. For some acupuncture too.”

Erika Milost – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Slovenia


“Impressive Wealth of Knowledge! I attended a 200 hour Yin Yoga online teaching course with Alex during Lockdown in June. It was wonderful to connect to Goa in India and Alex’s unique and uplifting teaching style from my office space in Dublin. I was impressed with Alex’s breadth of wisdom and knowledge of acupuncture, philosophy, Yoga and life. Her willingness to share expanded my heart and I looked forward to the days logging on. We were a group of five women from all over the world, meeting across time zones and language challenges. But we supported each other and felt safe. In the second week we each did a short teaching lesson which was a great way of learning. Alex provided detailed notes on the practice and origins of Yin Yoga which is a beautiful Yoga form. As a practicing Acupuncturist she has so much to offer in showing the healing of Yin Yoga postures alongside acupressure points. This is a very rich and nourishing course and has really deepened my practice. I hope to see Alex in Goa!”

ROSEMARY ST.LEGER – Yin Yoag Therapy Ambassador in Dublin, Ireland 

“The Yin Yoga Therapy Training with Alex was exactly what I was looking for. I gained a lot of knowledge about the traditional yin teaching (asanas, rebound), meridians, acupuncture points, Taoism and mindfulness. The training gave me a better understanding about myself and finding my own way of teaching.

Alex has a lot of knowledge and experience and is creating a nice group atmosphere. I definitely recommend this training.”

Julia Bauer – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador from Austria

“This has been the best journey on and off the mat ever. Alexandra is absolutely amazing as a teacher and a person. She is the guru of yin yoga and leads you so gently on your path to become a good yoga teacher while transforming yourself on a personal level at the same time.

All the detailed and high quality materials provided will guide you on your teacher journey when you get back home.

Alexandra works with amazing teachers who all embrace you and have so much knowledge to share.

The place in the jungle is absolutely stunning, the staff are so helpful and you feel safe. We enjoyed delicious daily vegetarian food prepared with love while overlooking the beautiful jungle and ocean.

I will definitely see if I can join Alexandra somewhere in the world another time. Thank you for everything and for sharing your wisdom with us all.”

Signe Bøtter-Jensen – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Denmark

“It was amazing. I had such a wonderful time and I’m so glad I decided to come. I absolutely loved the training.

Whether you are already a yoga teacher or not I am sure you will find value in this beautiful training and practice. I have learned so much from Alex and I like how she teaches (both yin classes and theory classes). I cannot say enough good things about the Yin Yoga Therapy Training with Alex. 

I had such a wonderful time during the training and I learned so much. I really think it was a fantastic teacher training and I’m looking forward to doing many more trainings and retreats with Alex in the future!”

Heidi Kokborg – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Denmark

“My Yin Yoga session by Alexandra was simply exceptional. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to continuing my Yin Yoga practice.”

Manil Gupta, India

“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Yin Yoga  course. All I knew was that I loved the yin yoga classes I attended in Australia, and wanted to deepen my understanding and practice. The course surpassed my expectations, it was awesome.

Alex and Eva are deep with experience, knowledge and wisdom on yin yoga and how it relates to the body mind and soul. They expertly, clearly, and deeply cover the many elements of yin yoga, such as:
Asanas, the Meridian system, the Daoist 5 elements, the different organs of the body that the different Asanas effect. How to teach a class, and much more. This information is repeated, gently again and again, to help our systems absorb the information.
The class itself is held in such an encouraging, warm, and supportive holding that overcomes any fears that may come up, and makes you feel that anything and everything is possible. The class was not only deeply informative, it was also fun, and the class I was with became very connected and supportive of each other. New, deep friendships were made. I can highly recommended this course to everyone.”

Vinito – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Australia

“I was feeling a little fragile mentally due to some challenges in my life and after leaving another yoga training with a hostile environment.

I read many positive reviews about yin yoga with Alex and her website was informative and professional. I contacted Alex before I applied for a place and she was extremely helpful and provided me with all the information I needed to make my decision.

The experience was truly life changing. I didn’t want to leave and arrived home with fond memories. I highly recommend this training both for quality and excellent support. I may even go back and do it again!”

Rebecca Wahi – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador UK

“Alexandra you are the best yin yoga teacher and yin therapist. Thank you for facilitating my healing process. I am forever grateful and sending love and light always. I am so excited to start my first yin teaching session tomorrow.”

Jennifer – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador USA

“I was at a point of transition in my life with family now grown and husband recently retired.

I ended up choosing this training as I was drawn to it based on Alexandra’s credentials and philosophies. The teacher training seemed truly to address the whole person; body, mind & soul. I have had a developing interest in the yin side of yoga and Alex’s teaching and training materials provided me with everything I need to go home and confidently teach a yin yoga class.

My experience at this training was life changing, I was provided with a safe space to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I truly appreciated the night circles where we had the opportunity to explore healing modalities through dance, art, etc. I was able to find more clarity in my mind and heart, while learning that the wisdom of the body is sometimes greater than the mind. With Alex’s unique background in acupuncture, I feel that I received a solid understanding of the meridians and Daoist elements which are the foundational aspects of yin yoga. I would readily recommend this course to anyone who is ready to grow in their practice and their life!”

Rebecca Evans – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador USA

“If you are “a picky seeker as I am “looking for the top quality teachers that will guide you on your path– you do not have to look further no more. You are on the right spot here – In BODY-MIND – SOUL CENTER with Alex and her team of amazing teachers. Alexandra’s energy +deep knowledge of yin yoga are unprecedented and she shares more than that with you. She cares about your well being and she wants you to get the best experience possible.

As the name says (yin yoga therapy) – it is more than a training. It is a journey of self-exploration and path of self- healing at the same time, (and thanks to all teachers) in the safe space, where you can allow yourself to “let go of“.
Quality of the program is exceptional. Fantastic point is that students start teaching practise from 2nd week of the course – so there is lots of room for practice and picking up the practical details of teaching. The curriculum was divers and beside yoga philosophy, history and yin yoga practice, we learned different forms of meditations and breathing techniques.

The whole experience is intensified by the presence of the jungle. Thanks to Alex we were allowed to become part of the especially beautiful environment and share the space with all kinds of fascinating creatures.
The words can not express my gratitude to Alex and all the teachers present on my training – Jenny, Patrycja, Eleonora, Manjeet – you all are my inspiration. Hope I can carry and share the knowledge you shared with me. Namaste 🙂 “

Petra Pekarova – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Canada 

“This training was absolutly enjoyable and packed with information! Alex has so much knowledge on so many areas of healing she is fascinating to listen to. I learned so much about Yin Yoga, Acupressure and philosophy and helpful wisdom along the way.”

Rosemary Steger– Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the UK

“The yin & yang trip inside your heart! First of all if you have any doubts about travelling alone to India you can start packing your bags now. You are going to be safe and all is there organised for you. You only need to be ready to challenge yourself and to listing to your heart. Alex who is the guru of Yin Yoga will take you to unbeliever trip. With her you will leave your comfort zone forever and transform yourself to become a yin yoga teacher and to helps others like she did for you.
She works by her side with wonderful selected teachers who just embrace all your learning process and atmosphere there. You will receive amazing printed to support your study materials and teachers always will have time to answer your questions. You will have a time in a jungle where you respect the nature and your body and mind will follows. This all is complimented by fantastic, simply vegetarian food prepared freshly there. So if you ready for transformation and deep spiritual trip – Go !!!”

Agnieszka Baranski  – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Berlin

“Highly recommended! It was a fantastic inner journey! Exploring the ‘I am’. Releasing emotions, feeling chi flowing. Very grateful to make this choice and to decide to give this training to myself as a gift. Living your true self… is possible (also you can learn at this training).”

Marianne Timmermans  – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the Netherlands



Like for most people all my plans of 2020 got an unexpected twist and turned out very different. My name is Kathelijne, I’m originally from Holland but live in Luxembourg (Europe) I am a yoga teacher since 2019, qualified in Hatha and Ashtanga. My favorite quote , probably the one I use the most in my classes is « the only constance in life is change » Buddha. Changes in life are for a lot of people very difficult to handle, especially the unexpected changes. We all had to learn to deal with them for the past year and yoga is definitely a great tool to adapt more easily to changes, because we gain in flexibility and strength in our body and mind. I was supposed to travel to India in March 2020 to complete my 300hrs training and seeking for more experience in Yin Yoga, as I am drawn by the therapeutic aspect of yoga. Well, those plans did not work out. Instead Corona arrived to us and before we knew what was going on, we where all locked down. Our studio in Luxembourg closed, like everything else and we switched to online classes. This scared me a lot in the beginning, but turned out to be a very great option and we even reached more people this way, as everyone could practice from home, nationally and internationally. And when then all the sudden Alex’s training appeared I did not hesitate and directly booked the training, without any regrets! 

Alex is a great and fun teacher, extremely experienced and very knowledgable. She gives many examples that are easy to refer to in your daily, personal or professional life. She takes time to repeat things as many times as needed and pushed us to remember the theory 😉 I did not know much about Yin Yoga and basically nothing about the meridians, after the training I felt like I absorbed a whole new library and I am so grateful for all the experiences and wisdom Alex shared with us.

We had a very small group, only 4-6 people,  so it was very familiar and we had enough time to ask all the questions we needed to be answered.
If you are looking to enrich your knowledge, rather for your personal or professional life, about Yin and the meridians I absolutely recommend a training with Alex. Our training was only 50hours but it felt like we got material for a 200hours training! It also felt very refreshing learning from a european woman, this was a big change for me compared to my 2 first trainings held only by indian men 😉 No offense and I’m not saying that one is better than the other, just different, a bit less traditional and strict. I felt very inspired and empowered to learn from such a strong women 😉 Thank you again Alex and I am looking forward to meet you for real in Goa…one day 🙂 distant hugs and much love, Kathelijne”

Kathelijne Schaaphok – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Louxembourg

“Don’t think, just come! I highly recommend this Yin Yoga teacher training. My month spent in Goa was incredibly enriching. I have gained deep insight into the Daoist 5 Elements and Meridian energy flow in the body, and am now equipped with the teaching tools and confidence to take my students (and myself!) on a truly transformational journey.”

Camilla Marsh – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador from South Africa

Valery Yin Yoga teacher training Goa

“Alex has an in-depth knowledge of meridians and acupuncture and this validates the yin yoga course she offers. It was a brilliant experience for me, hard work but well worth the results in the end. Eva taught me yin yoga theory, she was very clear and concise and has a very gentle but effective teaching approach. This style of teaching also applies to her yoga classes which I really enjoyed.”

Valery Gregory – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in UK

“I did my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and really enjoyed the amazing quality of the teachers and the quite luxurious place with a pool and good food, walking distance to the beautiful beach of Morjim. Thank you!”

Malin Böhne – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Berlin

“The most amazing teachers! Did the yin yoga, yoga nidra & reiki training and would recommend it for everyone. You will get gentle guidance and support which will help with your own personal growth but also a lot of knowledge what you can use while teaching. Thank you thousands time! With love L. 💫”

Lucie Hlavackova – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Sri Lanka

“Great teachers, lots of love, attention and quality. Alexandra and her team shared credible knowledge and experiences about yin yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism. 

The course really helped me find more peace and connect with myself, and feeling confident and inspired to share the yin yoga practice. I can highly recommend these high quality and wonderful trainings!”

Yorick Michelbrink – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the Netherlands


”The Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat was a week well spent tapping into the earth’s vibrations, connecting with one another and ourselves. We are ever grateful to Alexandra Denkinger, who was the ideal stimulus to guide the retreat towards achieving higher levels of well being, through Yoga and Acupuncture. She reminded us that the world is full of magical things, igniting within us the spark to listen intuitively, cultivate inspiration and clear the fog of confusion.”

Meghna Kapoor from Kyo Spaces, India

“Big time love to our Yin Yoga Therapy team and thank you for the learning experience at our beloved Body-Mind-Soul Centre in the jungle in Goa ♡”

Abigail Jones – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Manchester, UK

“The Yin Yoga Therapy concept offers wonderful teachings with a comprehensive and holistic approach to our eveyday issues in life. Of course there will always be a lot more to learn, but this training is a very good foundation to gain insights into our body and mind guided by an ancient wisdom tradition and inspiring teachers.”

Gela Zenker – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador from Germany

“I would 100% recommend this Yin Teacher Training to anyone, whether you are looking to become a Yoga Teacher or simply to learn for your own practice. I have learn so much about not only yoga but also about myself. I know what I have learn I will continue use and benefit form for the rest of my life.”

Nikoline Ekelund – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador USA

“If you want to excel in the Yin Yoga community then this is the course to do. Diving deep within the meridian and Daoist philosophy will give you that ‘edge’ as a yin yoga teacher. “

Abbey Brinklow  – Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the UK

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