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Get your Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certificate with The Body-Mind-Soul Centre

Heidi - Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certificate

If you have always dreamed of diving deeper into the world of yin yoga or becoming a yin yoga teacher, now is as good a time as any. During COVID-19 we are also offering Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance – Online as well as Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance – In Person.

Receive your Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance certification with us – online or in-person.

Getting your yin yoga teacher training certification will open up a whole ray of doors for you. Not only will you be able to teach yoga upon graduation; you will also go through a personal transformation during your training, and you will finish your Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance with a toolbox full of healing tools that you can use in your daily life and pass onto your students.

Yin is in

There is no doubt about it. Yin is in. Never before has yin yoga gotten so much attention, and across the globe, yin classes are in demand. This is probably because our predominantly “yang” dominated modern lifestyle calls for more balance. We live in a society with a “go, go, go” mentality where doing, achieving, and working are encouraged and rewarded. We are constantly being bombarded with information from social media and the news, causing our brains to be overstimulated. Eventually, over time, this constant state of doing, working, and information overload will lead to long-term stress and burnout, forcing us to slow down and, well, live a more balanced life that also includes the “yin” aspect.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance - Bali
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance – Bali

Though many of us crave a slower paced lifestyle where we are more at ease, and we are actually enjoying life, it is easier said than done. We don’t know how to keep up with society and the people around us if we slow down and get off the hamster wheel, so we just keep on going and doing. Perhaps because we don’t know what else to do, or perhaps because we’re scared of what will happen if we slow down. We are, after all, creatures of habits, and everything new feels scary in the beginning. Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance program is designed to create space for slowing down, rejuvenating the body, clearing the mind, opening up the heart, and allowing energetic healing to take place. At Yin Yoga Therapy Training Yoga Alliance we are making a dedicated attempt to bring more balance and healing to our modern day life.

What Is Yin Yoga?

If you have found your way to our website, chances are you are already familiar with yin yoga and have been to at least a couple of classes. However, let’s take a moment and get a little bit deeper into what yin yoga is. Even if you have already experienced this beautiful practice you may not know exactly what yin yoga is. The term Yin Yoga comes from the ancient Daoist tradition of yin and yang. Yang is active, rhythm, repetition, and warm while yin is passive, cool, and still. In the world of yoga Ashtanga yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini yoga etc. are yang styles of yoga, while yin and restorative yoga are yin styles of yoga. Yin and yang are completely opposite forces that are yet interconnected. The peacefulness of the long-held static stretches in Yin Yoga allow space for awareness while accelerating the reveal and release of deep layers of tension held within our fascia. Yin Yoga gives us a chance to listen closely to our bodies which will help us understand the transformative possibilities of being present with sensation thus embodying mindfulness principles on a physical level. Once we are physically still and we are simply present with whatever sensations are there, our mind will also start quieting down and we can start developing an attitude of loving kindness towards ourselves and experience a profound sense of calm and peace. From here we can share that peace and loving kindness with the rest of the world, and make our whole world a better place.

Kath - online student 2 - yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance
Kath – online student 2 – yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance

By practicing yin yoga you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, and thereby you activate your innate process of healing and transformation. If you have never heard of energy healing before you might think this all sounds a little woo-woo but together we will demystify how energy affects everything you do and feel and show you how to work with both your body and mind. You see, energy and energy healing really is not as mysterious as you may think it is. During the training, we will practice sequences that are tailor-made to address physical and emotional issues where the alternative aspect of Daoism offers the opportunity for deep healing and profound transformation.

Yin yoga is simple, but it is not easy. You may have heard it before, but sometimes being still is the hardest of all asanas. In yin yoga, we embrace our physical limitations rather than fighting them. We work with the body as it is, without seeking to change anything. With our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance immersion, we are practicing acceptance, surrendering to gravity, connecting our body to a Zen state of mind.

What You Will Learn During Your Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Course

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance – Online

During your Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance program with us, you will learn simple principles, tools, and practices that balance your body – which is how physical, emotional and spiritual healing begins – so you can build vitality, unravel energetic blockages, and boost your immunity. In the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance course, you will get a chance to dive deep into all the essential aspects of practicing and teaching yin yoga. You will also learn about the Daoist Elements and Meridians, and how they integrate into your yin yoga practice. The teachings include the foundations and principles of yin, the physical benefits of practicing yin yoga, the meditative and therapeutic energetic effects from a Daoist/Oriental Medicine perspective. We offer both in-person and online yin yoga teacher training, and you will also find both 50 hours, 100 hours, and 200 hour training courses. Depending on which yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance course you choose, we will go more or less in-depth with each topic. However, there are some fundamentals which you will learn on all training courses, but if you really want to dive deep into yin yoga and have some experience in other styles of yoga already, we recommend choosing our 100-hour yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance. No matter which training you choose, you will learn about the foundation, definition, and theory of yin yoga, both on a physical, energetic, soul, and mind level. We will teach about the regular yin poses and more modern alternatives, the functional and energetic aspects of the poses, how to modify, and when props should be used. You will also learn how to create sequences for each Daoist element and each meridian.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance - Daoist Elements
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance – Daoist Elements

We will, of course, also teach you the art of teaching yin yoga so you will feel confident about teaching when you return home. Depending on the training we will also dive deep into yin therapy, chi, and the meridian flow in the body. We will go deep into the theory of yin and yang and the five Daoist elements, and you will become familiar with the healing Dan Tien breathing technique.

And you will learn about mindfulness; what it is, the history of mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and how and why mindfulness is an essential part of your yin yoga practice (or really any style of yoga).

You will graduate all our training equipped with a healing toolbox, and depending on the program you choose, the box might have slightly more or slightly fewer tools in it (but we promised you that each tool is powerful and valuable). Your magic box will include tools such as the power of visualization, Dan Tien breathing, acupressure points, tools for transformation, how to recognize and work with your imbalances, anatomy of the mind, an invitation to living a mindful life and so many other life-changing tools. On a more practical level, your days during the training will be filled with exciting, insightful, and interesting classes. You will have daily yin yoga classes in the afternoon and yang classes in the morning to balance yin and yang. You will also find meditations and yoga Nidra sessions on the schedule. And then, of course, there will be daily theory classes.

We at Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance know that for many of our students it’s important that their yoga teacher training is approved by an official organization, and we are proud to say that our training courses are affiliated with Yoga Alliance. When you complete your training you will receive two yin yoga certifications. A Yoga Alliance affiliated Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (registered school with Yoga Alliance) and a Yin Yoga Therapy Diploma as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D. (ACU) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D. (ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, affiliated with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500) and owner of The Mind-Body-Soul Centre (RYS 200).

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance at The Body-Mind-Soul Centre Goa
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance at the Body-Mind-Soul Centre in Goa

Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance program will give you the foundation, knowledge, and credentials you need to go out into the world and teach yin yoga. Whether you’re already a yoga teacher or you just dream of teaching yoga, we are sure you will get something valuable out of this training.

For those unfamiliar with Yoga Alliance let us briefly tell you what Yoga Alliance is. Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. They have more than 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and over 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Many studios across the world specifically ask for teachers who have Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher training.

Live The Yin Life

The yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance will give you a solid understanding of yin yoga as a healing modality. During the training, you will learn all the essential elements of yin yoga, and you will also have plenty of time to practice yin yoga as we will have daily yin yoga classes, and it will also give you an opportunity to integrate what you learn into your practice. Not only will we look deep into yin yoga and what it is; we will also dive deep into the subject of how to apply yin yoga as therapy. Once you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation.

Once you start integrating yin yoga into your yoga practice and your life, you will experience profound healing on both an energetic, physical and mental level. Yin Yoga is so much more than stretching on the mat, although you will feel some stretching going on. Like all styles of yoga we work with energy in yin yoga but as previously mentioned we go deep into energy healing with the ancient wisdom of the meridians and Chinese Medicine. Not only will yin yoga open up your body; it will also open up your mind. As we say: a flexible body has a flexible mind. It really goes hand in hand.

online student 2 - yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance

Share Yin Yoga With The World

When you go back home (or wherever you are headed off to) after your training and your new title as Yin Yoga Teacher, you are also a Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador. Many of our students start teaching yin yoga after their training. Some teach in yoga shalas, some teach in different locations while traveling, some offer private or group classes online, some offer workshops, some assistant on teacher training… It’s all up to you how you’re going to teach! But don’t worry, you don’t have to teach yoga just because you have your certification. Perhaps, you just want to be able to practice by yourself at home. Or maybe you want to support your family and friends and share some of the healing tools you have learned with them. Or maybe you will share what you have learned on social media or write articles. Or perhaps it’s just for yourself. There is no right or wrong way to share your love for yin yoga. Just listen to your inner voice, do what is right for you and spread your love and light with the world, just as we do with with our yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance courses.

Video Testimonial Of Our Student:

Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador Agnieszka shares her experience – Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance

Frequently asked questions:

How do I become a yin yoga instructor?

Yin yoga is a very specific type of yoga and done very differently than other styles of yoga. A good training is necessary, especially as there is still a lot of misconception about yin yoga out there. You also will find many very short yin yoga training courses, but we recommend at least a 100hr training to cover the main principles and poses.

Do you need Yoga Alliance certification to teach yoga?

The short answer is no, but a Yoga Alliance certification can help you a long way to be recognized and respected as a yoga teacher. Many yoga studios do expect a Yoga Alliance certificate from their teachers. Insurance companies and booking platforms often ask for this certificate as well. Being associated with Yoga Alliance also gives you other advantages like being listed in their directory and able to offer continuing education programs.

Is Yoga Alliance accredited?

Yoga Alliance is the most recognized governing body on an international level. It is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. They have more than 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and over 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Many studios across the world specifically ask for teachers who have Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher training, usually, insurance companies and booking platforms do so as well.

Is yoga teacher training worth it?

A high-quality yoga teacher training is valuable on many different levels If you wish to be a yoga teacher, a solid foundation is essential. But even if you just like to deepen your practice, teacher training is a wonderful yoga immersion dedicated to personal growth and development which you will remember for a lifetime. Learning a new skill is always worth it.

Who are the best yoga teachers?

The best yoga teachers are not necessarily the best yoga practitioners, there is a big difference. As a teacher, you need to have the talent to understand where your student starts from and appropriate to your student’s level your instruction and language needs to adapt. Your suggestions should be conveyed in a way that can be easily understood or challenge the experienced.

Can you make a living as a yoga instructor?

Yes, but you might need to offer more than teaching yoga. Most yoga teachers use their skill as a side job, teaching a few classes a week but you also could add to it by

  • Be full-time employed by a studio by adding organizational skills.
  • Open your own studio.
  • Specialize and offer themed workshops.
  • Offer yoga holidays and retreats.
  • Offering yoga classes to corporate firms is a more lucrative option.
  • Become a teacher trainer for a yoga institute.

What is the best yoga instructor course?

If you like to be internationally recognized, a 200-hour teacher training course endorsed by Yoga Alliance is the way to go. Choose a registered Yoga Alliance School which allows a lot of time for practicing teaching yourself, so you are practically prepared for the job as well. And ultimately choose a teacher, style, and philosophy you can resonate with to create the best environment for a successful learning experience.

Why is yoga training so expensive?

A yoga teacher training is a big investment, but you will benefit for a lifetime. You will get all the skills to set up your own training business and improve your own practice. The school has a variety of expenses it needs to cover beyond the actual teaching. From creating the program and manual, hiring specialized trainers, expert guests, finding venues and facilitators, marketing, and maintaining a high-quality approach a lot of time and money is already spent before you start your course.

Are yoga instructors in demand?

The yoga and wellness sector has definitely experienced a boom and especially yoga is the to-go-to activity symbolizing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So the people providing this service are not only high in demand but also very respected, and all of that while they are doing the best for their own health and wellbeing! But being a yoga teacher also is a commitment to these qualities.

How much do yoga instructors make in a year?

Most yoga teachers know the struggle of trying to earn a living while doing what they love. According to PayScale, the average base hourly rate in USD is $25.04 / hour. However, the scale is wide open, especially once a teacher is well known or specialized. In a very fast-growing market, it might be just the right time to follow your passion now. When you are at the right time, in the right place, you can combine a very lucrative job with a soulful and healthy lifestyle.