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Yin Yoga Certification | 33 good reasons to get yourself yin-certified.

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Getting a yin yoga certification is high in demand lately. If you have been practicing yoga for a few years, you have probably noticed that in the last couple of years yin yoga has become much more popular. There is no doubt about it; yin is in, and yoga students everywhere are loving this beautiful practice.

Perhaps you are one of those students. Perhaps you even love yin yoga so much you have considered getting your yin yoga certification so you can start teaching yin yoga yourself.

There are so many benefits of getting your yin yoga certification, and it will give you so much more than the ability to teach yin yoga. At Yin Yoga Therapy Training we believe it ultimately has the power to transform your life so you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

Having taught yin yoga for many years and facilitating yin yoga teacher training, we have seen firsthand how yin yoga can change lives. A yin yoga certification can benefit you in multiple ways and how you use your yin yoga certification will look different for each person.

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What is a Yin Yoga Certification?

Here we have tried listing 33 benefits of a yin yoga certification.

1. Teaching yoga

If you are thinking about getting your yin yoga certification, chances are you have a small (or big) voice inside your head telling you it’s time to start teaching yoga. Maybe you are already a yoga teacher looking to add a yin yoga certification to your skills, or perhaps you have never taught a yoga class but you see yourself teaching yin yoga in your local yoga studio (or anywhere in the world for that matter).

With a yin yoga certification that dream can become a reality. In order to teach any style of yoga you need to study and become a certified teacher, and that’s exactly what you can do here at Yin Yoga Therapy Training.

With your certification in hand there is nothing standing in the way between you and teaching yin yoga. So if you are dreaming about teaching yin yoga, what are you waiting for? Now is as good a time as any to make that dream come true!

2. Tools to transform your own life

Many people come to the yoga practice in search of something. A more peaceful life. A happier life. A life with more meaning. Some people also come to the practice for physical reasons but oftentimes they will find something much deeper than physical healing.

Yoga has the power to transform your life. The transformation won’t happen overnight, and you have to put in the work but slowly, over time, you will feel more peaceful and happy.

When you study yoga you will learn powerful tools that can help you transform your life. As you probably already know yoga is more than some crazy poses on a yoga mat.

Yin yoga is also about much, much more than the poses. It’s about moving stuck energy, finding calm and stillness, cultivating patience … With a certification from Yin Yoga Therapy Training, you will leave with a whole toolbox of practices that combined truly has the power to transform your own life.

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3. Understanding of fascia

If you practice yin yoga you have probably heard your teacher mention fascia. Maybe you know what it is. Maybe you are still wondering what on earth this fascia everybody is talking about is. No matter what, you will end the training having a deep understanding of fascia and how to work with it, and you will even be able to pass that knowledge on to your students when you teach yoga.

4. Deeping your own yin yoga practice

It’s important for yoga teachers to also have their own yoga practice, and to spend time deepening their own practice. During the training that’s exactly what you can do. Yes, you will leave with a yin yoga certification so you can start teaching yin yoga, but it is also an opportunity for you to dive deep into your own practice.

Want to immerse in a transformational yin yoga certification training and practice? Find out more here.

5. Help your students feel better mentally and physically

Not only does yin yoga have the power to make you feel better mentally and physically. Yin yoga can do the same for your students. As a teacher, we’re passing our knowledge on to our students, and with the yoga practice, we can support our students in the challenges they are facing, whether mentally or physically.

6. Learn about ancient healing tools

In our yin yoga teacher training, we are teaching you about Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will become familiar with acupressure points and the system of the five elements of Taoism, to name a few. This wisdom has been used for healing for centuries, and it is still widely practiced today. While we can’t teach you all there is to know about these ancient healing tools we will teach you about some of them, and we know they will broaden your horizon.

7. Tools for finding calm and going best yin yoga certification

Yin Yoga is a wonderful practice for cultivating calm, and with a yin yoga certification in hand, you know why this practice is so calming, and you will also learn about other tools to help you feel even calmer and grounded.

8. Connecting to your yin side in a yang world

Yin yoga is an opportunity for you to connect to your yin side. To simply just be instead of being in a state of constantly doing. We live in a yang world, and so many of us have to consciously create habits and rituals to connect to our yin side, otherwise, it is all too easy to get caught in the hamster wheel of doing, achieving, working, and constantly moving.

Get in touch with your yin side with our yin yoga therapy training. Best yin yoga certification!

9. Bring balance into your life

As mentioned above we live in a yang world, and if we neglect our yin side, it will create an imbalance. We need a balance between yin and yang. Being and doing. Moving and being still. This is exactly what yin yoga can do, and with a yin yoga training, you will become even more aware of this and the importance of finding balance.

10. Gaining more flexibility and mobility

On a more physical level yin yoga will help you gain more flexibility and mobility as we work with the fascia and the joints.

11. Balance your chi

This could be a whole blog post in itself, but let’s keep it short for this post. In yin yoga, we work with chi (we call this energy prana in other styles of yoga), and we try to balance the chi so we thereby become more balanced in life.

Dive deep into the ancient healing wisdom of the chi flow in the body with our yin yoga certification course.

12. Create balance in your yoga practice

Most styles of yoga are yang styles of yoga. There is absolutely nothing wrong with yang yoga. We need that too. However, our practice can become a bit unbalanced if we are only practicing yang styles of yoga. Yin Yoga is perfect to create a balance, and with a yin yoga certification, you will be able to practice yin yoga by yourself because you will know exactly how to structure a sequence and the principles of yin yoga.

13. Support friends and family in their healing journey

Just like you can support your students in their healing journey, you can also support your friends and family in their healing journey. Perhaps they are looking to ease an aching back, lower their stress levels, gain more hip flexibility, find more calmness … You will be able to support them with these ailments.

14. You will have a holistic healing toolbox

With a yin yoga certification from us, you will go home with a holistic healing toolbox with tools such a yin yoga, acupressure points, how to balance your chi and so much more!

Smarten up your own self-healing toolbox. We show you how.

15. You will be able to better support your students

If you are already a yoga teacher we are confident that you will be able to support your students even better after doing a yin yoga training as you will have more practices and tools to share with your students.

16. Help your students find balance in their yoga practice

Just like you will be able to find balance in your yoga practice, you can help your students find more balance in theirs.

17. Breathing techniques

During your training with us, you will learn about different breathing techniques, and how they each offer different benefits.

18. You will learn about the theory of yin and yang

By now you have heard us mention yin and yang a couple of times, and you might be wondering what exactly is yin and yang? Fear not, you will be taught all about the theory of yin and yang during the training.

19. You can host workshops, online and in-person

Not only will you be able to teach yin classes, but you will also be able to teach workshops where you can go deep into the practice. We have students who are teaching both in-person and online, it really is up to you!

20. Learn about the ancient wisdom of the 5 Taoist elements

During your training, we will teach you in-depth about the five elements of Taoism and how they are relevant and connected to yin yoga and your life.

Create balance and harmony in your yoga practice and your life by applying the teachings of the ancient Taoist healing wisdom.

21. Create classes for each element

Not only will you learn about the five elements of Taoism, but you will also be able to teach classes addressing the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of each element.

22. Learn about mindfulness

We integrate the principles of mindfulness into our yin yoga practice, so we will, of course, also teach you about mindfulness and how you can use it in your daily life.

Mindfulness is key. In your practice and your life. Our training really is a guide to mindful living.

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23. Learn about the meridians

about the meridians, and you will be able to create yin yoga sequences for each meridian.

24. Able to work with your own imbalances

Once you know about yin yoga, the meridians, and the elements you will be able to recognize and work with your own imbalances.

25. You will be able to better listen to your body

When you dive deep into the world of yoga and your own practice, and you learn about healing tools, you will naturally find it easier to listen to your body. When are you hungry? When are you full? When do you need rest? When do you need to say no? You will be so much better at listening to your body and intuition.

26. Better able to balance the nervous system

When we balance our chi and start balancing yin and yang, we automatically start balancing our nervous system, and we will share tools with you (like Dan Tien breathing) that can help balance your nervous system/calm it down in stressful situations times.

27. Acupressure points

During your training, you will learn about several acupuncture points that you can easily access by yourself at home (by using acupressure), and you will also be able to incorporate some of these points into your classes and teach your students about their benefits.

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28. Learn about energy healing

Yin yoga – all yoga styles really – is energy healing, and during your training, we demystify energy healing and break it down in easy steps to apply in your teaching and your life. You will become familiar with energy healing and what it is.

29. Teach on yoga teacher training courses

It is not unheard of that once certified yin yoga teachers end up teaching – or assisting – on teacher training courses, and what a wonderful way to pass on your knowledge to students who are studying yin yoga! You can help us to make our yin yoga teacher training the best yin yoga certification out there!

30. Be an ambassador for yin yoga

As a yin yoga therapy teacher you really become an ambassador for yin yoga therapy. We even have a Facebook group with yin yoga therapy ambassadors where we share our knowledge and experiences.

Join the Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador tribe.

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31. Deep understanding of how to exercise the fascia

As mentioned earlier you will learn about the fascia but not only will you learn about it; you will also learn how to exercise the fascia, and this is a rather fascinating topic!

32. You will learn the principles of yin yoga

Unfortunately, many teachers are teaching yin yoga without having ever studied yin yoga or knowing about the principles of yin yoga. Here, we will teach you about the principles so you can confidently go out into the world and teach yoga.

33. Start your own yoga studio

Perhaps you have been dreaming about starting your own yoga studio for a long time, and you have been teaching for quite some time. While you don’t need a yin yoga certification to start a yoga studio, we believe it can only be of benefit as you will be able to offer wonderful yin yoga classes along with your yang classes.

Gain the confidence and certificate on your yoga journey to share this wisdom. We help you on the path.

FAQs on Yin Yoga Certification

How do I get certified in yin yoga?

Most of the yin yoga certifications are obtained through a continuing education program in yin after your initial 200 hours of yoga foundation in other styles of yoga. With our program you can do this as well, with a special focus on yin therapy or you can choose even right away to do your initial 200 hours yin-centric with us and become eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

What yoga certification is best?

Yoga Alliance is the world’s most popularly recognized organization, internationally known for certifying yoga teachers.

  1. Benefits of being part of Yoga Alliance:
  2. Listing in their directory
  3. Increase your credibility
  4. The YA certificate is sufficient competency proof for yoga studios, insurance companies, etc.
  5. Be a part of the yoga alliance community, get connected
  6. Flexibility to access online workshops and group events
  7. Attractive perks and discounts

Why is yin yoga so hard?

It takes a strong mind to stay with the different sensations appearing.
There is no perfect aesthetic alignment, the practitioner needs to take on the responsibility to find the best position for the target area of the pose.
It takes deep self-inquiry to find the appropriate edge in the pose.
Sometimes just to be still is the most difficult.
Mindfulness and being present are key.

What is the difference between yoga and yin yoga?

In yin yoga we hold poses with a moderate amount of sensation for a longer period of time. The intention is to reach into our ‘yin’ tissue – tendons, ligaments, joints, facia and to bypass the muscular activity as much as possible to get there. Yin yoga particularly works with the ancient healing wisdom of the chi flow in the body to not only facilitate physical rejuvenation, but also emotional and energetic healing. Also mindfulness is key, eventually every pose becomes a mindfulness meditation.

What certification to be a yin yoga teacher?

The most recognized certification globally is through Yoga Alliance. The first step is to get qualified and registered with a recognized foundational yoga teacher training of 200 hours. This can have a broad approach or it can be already specialized in yin yoga. Or if you already have a 200-hour certification in any style of yoga you can add on a continuing education program, hours here vary, endorsed by Yoga Alliance.

Is Yin Yoga Gentle?

  1. Yin Yoga is simple but not easy. Yin Yoga is gentle but can be intense. Yin yoga can be what you want it to be as long you follow the three Tattvas (principles) while practicing the poses:
  2. Find your edge where you feel moderate sensation.
  3. Commit to stillness.
  4. Hold the pose for a longer period of time.

What’s the difference between Hatha and yin yoga?

Yin yoga can be seen as a slower, more relaxed form of hatha yoga. In yin yoga we hold the poses for a longer period of time than in hatha yoga. Hatha yoga works with the muscles, yin yoga wants to avoid unnecessary engagement in muscular activity to target the deeper yin tissue in the body, the fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Which yoga practice builds the most strength and heat in the body?

More fast-moving styles emphasize muscular activity like Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, especially Bikram or hot yoga, which is practiced in hot rooms. On the contrary yin yoga is practiced best with a cool body, inviting more stillness and focusing on flexibility and mobility, while strengthening the joints and bones.