YIN YOGA Therapy

Online Training

We offer you a solid understanding of Yin Yoga as a healing modality. Learn all the essential elements of Yin Yoga and integrate and practice the therapeutic and mindfulness aspects. We look into the yin side of yoga from all angles and dive in deep in the subject how to apply Yin Yoga as therapy. Through our virtual sessions I shall guide you on the path to gain the knowledge, the practical experience and the certificate to share this wisdom. 

This Yin Therapy Training can be a gateway to reconnect to your true self. To experience a deep expansion of both body and mind. To dive deep into the Daoist healing wisdom of Chi and the Meridian flow. Ultimately to experience Yin Yoga as a healing modality and a way to live.

When you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation. I will demystify how energy affects everything you do and feel – and show you how to work with your body and your mind. You will learn about acupressure points applied in the poses and sequencing according to physical or emotional issues. The alternative medicine aspect of Daoism offers the opportunity to deep healing and profound transformation. You will learn simple principles, tools, and practices that balance your subtle body – which is how physical, emotional and spiritual healing begins – so you can build vitality, unravel energetic blockages, and boost your immunity.

The five Daoist Elements give you resources of inspiration for your practice and your teaching. You will learn how to integrate the ancient meridian wisdom and mindfulness principles to transform a yin yoga class into a meditation practice and a healing session. 

By the end of this course, you will feel stronger, healthier, and better able to thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live.


What you will learn

Yin Yoga Therapy Online

Yin Yoga Healing with Daoist Elements, Meridians

Yin Yoga Foundations

  • History and people
  • The basic components
  • The challenges
  • The practice principles

Yin Yoga Practice & Teaching

  • 25 classic Yin poses +
  • Variations + additional poses for the upper body
  • 8-points Analysis Principle
  • Sequences for each Daoist element
  • The art of sequencing and teaching Yin
  • Embodied practical experience

Therapeutic Aspects of Yin Yoga

  • The concept of balance, Yin and Yang and Chi
  • The theory of the Daoist elements, their physical, emotional and energetic value
  • Insight into the Oriental medicine meridians and their healing wisdom

Daily Yin Yoga Healing Practice

  • Daily Yin Yoga Healing practice with meditations and sequences to meridians / Daoist elements

Healing Toolbox

  • Acupressure points for each meridian
  • The healing tools to transformation
  • The power of Dan Tien Breath


  • Mindfulness history
  • Concept and practice
  • Neuroplasticity
  • An invitation to mindful living

Yin Yoga and the Movement-Mechanics of the Body

  • The theory of exercise – maintaining and improving mobility
  • Yin tissue and fascia
  • Everyone’s unique variation of the structure of our skeleton
  • Compression vs. tension
  • Aesthetic vs. functional alignment
  • Fascia and tensegrity
  • The Piezoelectric principle in the poses
30 hour & 50 hour
Yoga alliance Continuing Education Program


With successful completion of the training students will receive a Yoga Alliance affiliated Yoga Teacher Training Certificate / Contuning Education Program from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS – registered school with Yoga Alliance) and a Yin Yoga Therapy Training Diploma as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(ACU) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, affiliated with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500) and owner of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre.



Therapy Training Online

Special: 30 Hours – Personal Yin Yoga Teacher Training

During the time travel restrictions and precautions remain I am happy offer a 3 day / 30 hour personal teacher training just for you following the Interactive Online Teacher Training curriculum.

Schedule anytime convenient for you and maybe get some friends on board!

599 Euro / book with a friend: 20% discount with more than one person


50 Hours Online 19th to 30th Oct – Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in a very small, personal, interactive online Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training? Join me live in Goa – No pre-recorded videos or big groups but real onscreen interaction and practical teaching experience for the students! I offer only max. 6 places to make sure we can all connect personally in conversations for this training on Zoom. Part of the training will be the opportunity to experience teaching yin online yourself to your fellow students and receive constructive feedback.

Week 1 / Theory & Practice:
19th to 23rd October – every day
CET (Central European Time) 9:00 to 12:00 & 14:00 to 18:00

Optional: Week 2 / Students Teaching Practice & Feedback Circles:
26st to 30th October – every day
CET (Central European Time) 18:00 to 20:30 / flexible timings