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The Taoist Element of Water

Following up on our journey through all the Taoist elements, this article is about my favourite one: Water.

For Water, the surface is only the beginning, with the real movement hidden in its depths. It is all about inner reflection, grounding and perseverance. The Water energy provides us direction in the quest of finding meaning in life.

This element represents intelligence and wisdom. Water is flexible yet strong, flowing yet still, calm yet dangerous. It is the most yin of all elements and the most powerful. Water can, in time, eventually dissolve any obstacles in its path, even stone, without loosing its essential nature.

Water is also the profound element connecting life and death. It carries not only the original essence we were born with but also our ability to reproduce, grow and develop. Also subconscious fear is a main theme here: With this energy free flowing we are able to embrace fear in a state of full clarity and continue to advance or retreat appropriate in the face of it. The Water Element is the home of our instinct and intuition. With this element in balance we are able to balance our energies, acknowledging when rest is needed to not to become depleted or running empty. We know who we are and honour our boundaries. If we are able to flow like water around unimportant problems rather than unconsciously falling back to our stress response we nurture our precious adaptive energies. Here is the place of a general feeling of wellbeing.

The Water energy carries our basic trust in the flow of life. But we can never hold water actively – it literally slips through our fingers, so energetically there is a level of trust and surrender required in order to be able to hold a vessel or even maybe the Holy Grail, to hold the waters of life.

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The Taoist Element of Water

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