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Journey Through the Taoist Elements

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Starting this Sunday we will go in our regular Zoom meetings on a journey through all the Taoist Elements and their healing wisdom. 

The Taoist theory assigns each of the elements Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal a series of abstract generalizations and then applies them to the classification of all phenomena. With the methodology of ‘comparing similarity to expose phenomenon’ the elements and their characteristics state a correlation between the human body and the natural environment. Each element has its own repertory of relationships amongst all things that compose the physical world and the human body. 

It is seen as a metaphor of how everything influences each other and is in constant change and transformation and serves as the theoretical basis of the bond between the universe, human and nature.

We will begin this exploration in our upcoming meeting with the element of Wood.

The Wood energy is an expression of life at its strongest. Here is the home of new ideas, new thoughts and transformation. Wood is symbolizing the energy of spring, youth and growth: a new beginning, a vision – a wave of rising energy. Here we find the desire to assert who we are and the ability to express our creative energy in the world.

One of the main emotions associated with Wood is anger. This can be understood by the blocking of the movement of Wood towards the outside and upward. When there is obstruction to any movement, the outcome is frustration and anger. With the Wood Element in balance we are able to transmute unconscious irritability and frustration or anger of our controlling patterns that arise if life doesn’t play along with our often very limited self-focused desires.

A free flow of Wood energy within provides us with a sense of flexibility and the ability to adapt, it drives us along the path to self-realization, determined that we grow. Growing tall there is a view around to see all sides and every option. Seeing the directions we must take with us the wood energy of expansion; moving ahead, rising above and branching out to live our life to the fullest in harmony with nature. Taking control of our responsibilities and being responsible for our actions.


Taking this wisdom into our yin yoga practice we work with the liver and gallbladder meridian. All poses that involve hip openings and rotations as well as all side twist are ideal to address the Wood element in the body.

Both meridians run along the leg and hip. A side opening action of the torso and the outside body stimulates especially the gallbladder channel, the liver meridian gets addressed with sensations in the inside leg, the groin area, and twists as it flows from the leg of one side of the body all the way to the other lateral side of the abdomen. The Swan is probably one of the more popular Wood pose, but think for example Shoelace with a Side Twist.


And of course there is a wonderful acupressure point as well – LR 3: (Tai Chong / Supreme Surge).

Livers most prominent point LR 3 is easy to stimulate with finger pressure on the top of your foot in the hollow between 1st and 2nd metatarsal toe extension. This meridian is related to the “smooth flow of chi”, and it is your point especially for all release action, for example it works great for muscle cramps as well. Generally, liver energy likes to move, so pressing this point helps to get emotions, thoughts, and physical blockages moving. It’s great for overall stress, headaches, menstrual irregularities, pain and cramps. 

On Sunday i will show you exactly where to find that point and what we can do with it. 

And as always, for the balance we offer you a yang class as well. Check it out, it would be lovely to see you on screen.

Yin Yoga Healing with Acupressure to Boost Your Immunity (60min + 30min Q&A)
Every Sunday
• Germany 11am • India 2:30 pm • UTC 9 am

Yang Yoga Flow to Get Active
Every Saturday
• Germany 2:30 pm • India 6 pm • UCT 12:30 am

Just send me your email address at for the invite.

With love from Goa, Alexandra

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