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Balanced living: Making the Commitment

online ad 4 yin yoga teacher trainingBalanced living and well-being means considering all aspects of your life: work, rest, fitness and health, food, mental peace and emotional well-being. And while for some of us one or the other aspect for a balanced living might come easy, others require more attention. Sometimes it’s a little of “All this stuff we know we should be doing… “. For me this is the greatest benefit of my yoga practice: It reminds me of who I want to be. Yin Yoga helps us to focus. While we are working on our flexibility we also practice mindfulness principles to help us listen to our body closely, promote mental clarity and make the path free for more emotional stability. And to add a little fitness, cardio-vascular exercise and muscle strength to the equation we decided to offer you next to our regular Yin Yoga Healing Session on Zoom now a Yang Flow practice as well. The commitment to meet and show up helps to really put our good intentions into practice. Are you ready to commit?


Yang Yoga Flow

Every Friday • Germany 2:30 PM • India 6 PM • UCT 11:30 AM

#YinLove ?

Yin Yoga Healing with Acupressure to Boost Your Immunity (60min + 30min Q&A)

Every Sunday • Germany 11am • India 2:30pm • UTC 9am

… because making healthy choices is a form of self-respect.

With love from Goa,

Anika & Alexandra

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