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Pose of the Week – Butterfly

The Butterfly is a lovely, releasing pose that will open your hips and make them feel as free as a butterfly. It’s one of the most therapeutic Yin poses and frequently done, as it is beneficial for your entire body. Not to confuse with the muscle-activated Yang variation called the Bound Angle Pose, where you put a lot of effort to strive for the perfect pose. In the Butterfly Pose you completely accept wherever your body is in that moment and surrender… And always remember when caterpillar just thought her life is over, she began to fly!


The Butterfly Pose is a great way to start any Yin yoga practice, to deeply release any tensions stored in the body. It is not as intense as other hip-opening poses, like the Square and Shoelace Pose, so it can be used as a warm-up for these deeper hip stretches. The forward tilt of the hips gives a nice flexion in the hip joint.


Start by sitting up with a straight spine. If you cannot easily sit up straight, then it is recommendable to use a blanket underneath so the pelvis can tilt forward. Bend your legs and bring the soles of the feet together. Slide the feet away from you into a diamond shape – so don’t keep your feet into a tight butterfly as in your Yang training – and allow your back to bend forward. Gently rest with your hands on your feet, or on the floor. Let the head relax towards the heals. Stay in this pose for about three to five minutes. To come out of the pose you push your hands into the ground and very slowly roll up. Feel how your hip joints carry more chi, energy and mobility!


  • Works on hips and lower spine
  • If the feet are more away from the groin, then the hamstrings get a deeper stretch
  • Beneficial for the kidneys and prostate gland
  • Meridians of Liver and Kidney are activated in the groin area, Urinary Bladder is stretched on the back, Stomach, Spleen, Kidney Lines are compressed in the abdomen, Gallbladder on the outside hip

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