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Pose of the week – Ankle Stretch

The Ankle Stretch is quite an intense ankle opener and requires some focus and balance, but when you find peace in this pose, you will absolutely love it!


Since this asana opens and strengthens the ankles, this is a great pose to do after some squatting or toe exercises. Besides it will help us to still the mind, since this ankle opener enhances focus, balance and control.  And if you are a runner, hiker or long distance walker, this is the pose for you! It will help you to keep your ankles healthy and flexible.


To enter this pose, you start by sitting on your heels and slowly you lean back to sit on your feet. Be aware of any pain in the ankles or knees, then you may want to back off. Keep the heart open and arch the back forwards. Hold the pose for about one minute. To come out of this pose you lean forwards, bring your hands to the floor and gently step your feet back. Turn over for a short rebound in a neutral position to let the energy flow freely again, enjoy observing the happy life sparkles in you ankles!


  • Strengthens and opens the ankles
  • Nice pose after stressing the toes
  • All our lower body meridians are flowing through our ankles. Stomach, spleen, liver and gall bladder, kidney and urinary bladder are stimulated.
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