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Golden Milk

My new years resolution: kudos to TUMERIC. Will drink more Golden Milk, a drink full of health promises.  A glass of tumeric milk on an empty stomach in the morning or just before bed time can do wonders for your health as it boosts your immune system and fights off various infections.

Loaded with Anti-Oxidants

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Joint Pain.

Improves Memory and Brain Function.

Curcumin in Turmeric Improves Mood.

Protects Against Heart Disease.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels.

Reduces Risk of Cancer.

Best is to first make a paste: mix 4 spoons of organic turmeric with a glass of water, heat and stir it into a paste (the heating process brings out the good stuff). I personally like to add some cinnamon not only for more sweetness and flavour but also for its health benefits. This paste can be kept in a refrigerator (but avoid plastic containers as they stain and melt) and added to some coconut milk with a spoon of coconut oil. Heat and whisk it yummy frothy and as turmeric is bitter you might want to sweeten it with honey (but only once it cooled of a bit to not loose the honey health properties!). Date syrup is also a excellent vegan option here, and good for your hemoglobin levels!

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