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Pose of the week: Anahatasana – Melting Heart

The Anahatasana is one of our favorite poses, a great combination of opening your heart and chest area, bending your upper and middle back and gives a subtle reverse of your organs. Vitalizes the whole body!


A great asana to do after a day of work behind the desk, when your shoulders and upper back are bending forward most of the time – unconsciously. After doing this asana you feel like reborn again. And visualizing the great name, the Melting Heart, while being in this pose, makes you melt into the earth even more. Also, this is a great counter pose after a series of lower back bends, or can be used as a warm up for more intensive backbends like Sphinx or Seal.


To get into this pose, begin in table pose on your hands and knees. If you already feel some pain in your knees, put a blanket underneath it. Walk the hands forwards, making sure your hips stay right above the knees. Gently sink your heart towards the mat, thinking of that Melting Heart… Stay in this pose for 3 to 5 minutes. To come out of the pose you simple bring your hips down to your heels into Child’s Pose. Another option is to slide forward with your belly to the ground.

  • Helps to open the shoulders and upper back
  • Creates space around the heart
  • Creates space around the organs in the belly
  • Meridians lines of the Urinary Bladder on back, Stomach, Spleen, Kidney in your abdomen, Heart, Lung, large and small Intestine in arms are stimulated