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The Taoist Element Earth

This Sunday our Yin Yoga Zoom class is all about the Taoist element of Earth. Here we find stability, stamina, integrity, a healthy self-esteem and we are able to stay away from unnecessary worry. With this energies flowing freely within us we are grounded in our body and the present moment, nourishing ourselves well.

Earth Poster yin yoga teacher training
Earth Poster yin yoga teacher training

Here I share some of the things we teach in our trainings about this element there as well:

The Element of Earth is stabilising and mediating; it is the energy of peacekeeping. Earth is patient, thoughtful, and calm. In connection with the Earth Element we arrive home, deeply connected to the centre of our being we can move in all directions, but always know our way back home.

Earth represents the core of the body, balance and neutrality. Here we know and connect to our true source of power and have the knowledge that all we need is inside us, here and now, grounded and present.

Just as we assimilate nutrients through the process of digestion, we assimilate life experiences through the Element Earth. A strong Earth aspect helps to digest our thoughts and our accept fate. With this energies free flowing we are able to experience genuine happiness by simply being happy with what we already have.

Key here is not to keep our minds too busy with over-thinking and rumination, or empathy and constant worry about the happiness of others. Too much of pensiveness hinders us from being calm and grounded, it weakens the harmony between the mind-body connection.

While the Earth element is warm and nurturing, it can also become easily self-centred, as it believes it is the centre of everything. Earth is protective and the represent the roots that hold everything together, however, it can also become controlling. It reveals the challenging issues of self-worth and self-trust.
Also the aspects of guilt and shame can be addressed here. They are usually a result of living by someone else’s values. By accepting and appreciating ourselves for who we are and what we bring to this world we find the way to love ourselves unconditionally.

In balance, the Earth element gives us strong muscles, vibrant energy and the ability to think clearly. We are at ease, calm, stable and grounded. When the Earth Element is in flowing undisturbed we are able to nourish ourselves and those around us in a supportive manner. There is integrity in form and action and appropriate nourishment allowing us to have strength and stability in body, mind and actions.


In the poses we will work with the spleen and stomach meridians. Both the Earth meridians are crossing our abdomen, therefore all asana that involve our front torso are most suitable to relate to the Earth element. They both are crossing the front side of our ankle and knee, while the stomach meridian comes down our chest, therefore for example a Saddle with our back on a bolster and the arms up (spleen also close to under the arms) is an ideal Earth pose. Sphinx and Seal are activating the spleen and stomach meridians in the abdomen, especially also if you feel a stretch along top of thighs. An Ankle Stretch connects to the stomach meridian in a very effective acupressure way (St 42, 43, 44) on top of our feet.

Acupressure Points:

A wonderful acupressure point here is SP 6 San Yin Jiao (crossing of three yin meridians spleen, liver and kidney) -not advised when pregnant- just four fingers up the inside ankle along the medial crest of the tibia.

Pressing this point is especially helpful if you’ve been feeling weighed down due to digestive disturbances and helps to support and build the digestive system overall. As the great yin point it relates to our womb, the genital system and our hormones. It moves and cools blood and eliminates stasis and can calm our mind.

Energetically it is beneficial to all internal processes, to get harmony in “the home within ourselves”. Most people will be able to stimulate this point for example in a forward fold like the Caterpillar while we are compressing the Earth meridians in our abdomen and stretching them on the legs and chest.

And to balance it there is ST 36 Zu San Li. Loosely translated as “walk an extra 100 miles” this is our great yang point a hand-with under the knee next to the tibia. Supporting all our yang aspects, I use it as energy booster and for rejuvenation, and it is a great point for all kinds of indigestion and gastric pain, insomnia or mania.

This two points together make a great grounding and energy boosting combination, evoking all the wonderful earth aspects flowing freely. In the class on Sunday i show you exactly how to find them.

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