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The healing powers of springtime

flowers yin yoga teacher training

Welcome to our favourite retreat season 🙂 

At times, we must give to ourselves first if we expect to have anything to give to others. 

This year, we bring you 2 distinct opportunities to give yourself the gift of healing and nurturing yourself. Yoga, surfing, nature, positive mindset and self-healing are the key components of our retreats. We have designed these retreats to leave you feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and full of gratitude and enthusiasm for life. 

Let us take you out of your daily routine and inspire you to shake things up and let things loose. 

Spring is a lovely time of renewal and cleansing. As we are approaching the end of the winter season, we are gently opening up to new possibilities. The end of winter is our favourite time to get organized our living space as well as our mind and body. 

And what better time for restoration, beach yoga and surfing then after winter when you are most in need of energy-both physically and mentally?

Our 8-day Soul & Surf retreat beginning of March is the perfect opportunity to deepen your yoga practice while surfing and enjoying the sunny Goa vibes and sunsets will make you leave with feelings of joy and well-being. 

Let the rhythm of the ocean wake you up and stretch to activate the yang energy together with Eleonora, learn to surf after a healthy brunch-like breakkie with our most amazing surf instructor, Edy. Experience a nurturing style of yoga together with Alex by yin yoga in the afternoon and enjoy the healing sunshine of the most beautiful Goa sunsets at its best!

Get to rid yourself off the things that no longer serve, perhaps you want to start eating healthier, deepen your own yoga practice, switch careers, manage stress and open yourself to new horizons. 

Tune in and hear your heartbeats to step toes into a deep and transformative Yin Healing retreat at Vaayu Village, from 16thto 20thMarch. 

Join us for our short-and-sweet 5-day Yin Healingretreat to overview some of the most powerful healing techniques from complex holistic systems, and learn to make use of them for balancing things at all levels of your physical, mental and spiritual self. 

By the end of our Yin Healingretreat, you will feel stronger, healthier and happier.

We believe in the yin & yang energy as principle of a balanced life within a healthy body, mind and soul. 

Our tips over these 2 retreat journeys we are inviting you to join in will help you take advantage of the spring’s blossoming; nature’s reminder of the power of renewal. 

Let yourself get inspired by the healing benefits of each retreat journey and embed the magic out of your healing journey to make healthy and happy habits you can depend on. 

Looking forward to sharing fun and love with you. 

Yin Love and Light, 


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