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Let It Fall Away: 8 Yin Practices To Soften The Heart and Let Go of Your Old Habits.

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Let It Fall Away: 8 Yin Practices To Soften The Heart and Let Go of Your Old Habits. 

Winter, by the solstice of December 21st, moves us into the holiday season. It is that time of the year that moves us into high gear with a lot of things happening all in once – people coming and going, gift wrapping, work deadlines, and often times, a lot of stress.

It’s an odd sort of conflict because energetically, the earth wants us to stay quiet – though winter is a time of reflection – but our holidays want us to move around. By moving around I mean the tendency, especially during this time of the year, to move away from our yin-centre where we have learnt to hold a space of self-healing and inner wisdom, to embrace the yang side more, which energetically moves us towards the most peripheral areas of our spiritual life. 

But the end of the year is much more than a time of sweetness spent with our siblings, friends and colleagues – it is a sacred time infused with magic and light holding the possibility for bright new beginnings, as we have the chance to let-go of the past in all its forms, experiences, and energies. 

Yet, we choose to close the door to the past. 

Integrating a Yin-perspective, and mindfulness-based actions, within your holidays will offer you the opportunity to detach from drama and to refrain from mechanisms that will delete immediately any trace of your higher-self. 

Instead curve out your own yin-oriented holiday routine for the festive times ahead – secretly holding onto a “yin spaciousness” your way of feeling life, richer in “prana” that can flow in-out the shortest days of the year, has the power to help you create. 

Let go of the past by these 8 simple yin-steps we’re summing up here for you:

1.    Refrain from judging – When it comes to not to be judgmental with ourselves and others, it gets really hard – Do encourage yourself positively to let go of mental habits, and beliefs that may be a limit to your own happiness. 

2.    Flow with things and people – try and see if you can plan a little less and simply be content with nothingness – having extra time “doing nothing” can be surprisingly healing. 

3.    Practice the art of the silence – shifting from talking to being silent, and listening. Experience the yin-magic within saying nothing. 

4.    Do not diminish your emotions, especially empower yourself through celebrating all those life experiences that may have led to the feelings of grief, loneliness, anger, depression, etc. Dedicate your thoughts to consider the blessings residing in pain and suffer you may have experienced at times. Look at yourself right now, notice how you have grown in time and space. 

5.    Know that life is change, and what you have experienced so far was right there for you to make you step forward in your spiritual path. 

6.    Practice extra breathwork and yoga – we can extremely benefit from extra sun salutations and certain pranayama breathing techniques that specifically help us to let go, get grounded and cultivate a clear mind. 

7.    Be clear about your intentions, goals and where you are in your life right now – this will also help you feel grounded and cleanse the past. 

8.    Forgive. Maybe you made the wrong choices and maybe you even knew it at that time. Maybe the next time you need more information, more guidance, more support, more energy, and more yoga, more of something you did not, this time, have. And going forward, you can do something about that. But first comes to forgiveness. 

To successfully move forward, you must end the cycle of self-blame and self-defence and give yourself and others love – this will allow you to create with peace and joy. 

Solstice blessings to you. 

May us all move through the dark and into the light, bringing our soul’s work into the world with joy and love and light. 

Have a lovely yin-winter solstice you all, lighten up your soul.

Yin Love and Light 


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