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It’s All About The Balance

group yin yoga therapy training India

The motion of yin and yang generates all things in nature.

Yang is known to be more will-oriented, and dynamic in nature. It is eternal motion and cosmic action. Yin on the other hand is receptive, supportive and magnetic. It is eternally stabilizing and of cosmic potentiality. Both yin and yang possess the needed qualities for creation and evolution.

Whenever one is generally overemphasized, the natural harmony is thrown out of balance. This is still the case today in the Western male (yang) dominance of society. This excess of yang on a global level, is a cause of much of the world’s problems today. The same would be true of an excess of yin energy. Both of these forces and their associated qualities must stay in perpetual balance.

The balance of yin and yang provides a filter for how we at Yin Yoga Therapy Training like to look at life.

Never looking at things in black and white.
Appreciation for subtleties.
Embracing the change and flow.
Trying to balance head and heart.

We have a love affair with yin – We believe we need more yin energy in the world, but we know that we only find ourselves through a balance of both yin and yang – we find yin stillness only within yang flow.

Yang morning start, yin afternoon practices, followed by yin and yang evening activities are an integral part of our trainings.

Come and learn a style of yoga that’s focused on bringing balance – physically, mentally and energetically. Yin yoga is the antidote that help to overcome the many issues due to a modern mindset entirely focused on yang instead of bringing yin and yang to a balanced union.

By Eleonora Tiberi