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The Powerful Benefits Of Embarking Yourself On A Solo Retreat

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It may be the simple desire for connecting with like-minded people, or maybe attaining of inner peace and stillness right inside your busy daily life. Perhaps you’ve been long looking into going on retreat but never made it, committing yourself to a truer lifestyle, deepening your yoga practice–These can be only some of the reasons that made you considering through the idea of tapping into this totally uncomfort-zone of attending a solo retreat.

The noun retreat means “place you can go to” and the verb retreat means “to back out from something”.

We are often influenced daily by your immediate interpersonal connections—family, friends and peers. These familiar outside influences can inhibit our authentic self by conditioning us to see things through their lenses, instead of our own.

A retreat is a wonderful sanctuary of love and peace to be still, and to replenish your soul.

This is your time and you can focus on taking care of your own needs, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

A retreat will give you some much needed time out to really relax, and forget all of the demands and pressures in your life right now.

It’s vital you give yourself this time and space often, so that you can recharge.

Embarking on a solo journey of any type can be empowering, insightful, and extrememly life-affirming.

Attending a retreat alone will challenge your comfort zone in a way that inspires confidence and encourages growth. When you attend alone, you might tap into your area of vulnerability.

Feeling resistant to attending any type of event alone is what you may be facing at the beginning of your solo journey.

Shift your perspective—this is your time to explore your emotions and to be open to anything that may arise.

It is not within the bounds of what you usually do. However facing all of those emotions provides an opportunity for substantial spiritual growth.

Especially if you are venturing out on your first solo mission having a safe, informative, guided, and serene space is very important to feel free to explore, and to re connect with your true inner voice.

You have this mind, but you’re not this mind.

If you’re always thinking of the next thing you need to do then a yoga retreat gives you a great opportunity to stop overthinking it all.

Turning off all the noise of your own voice, opening yourself to a more positive way of being.  Meditating alongside the yoga practice is a tool to use daily to develop mindfulness and to watch what’s behind your mind helping you to harness your thoughts.

Discovering new perspectives.

Whether it is about you own life or through learning about a new culture, embarking in a solo retreat can immediately give you some new perspectives.

We live in a hyper-connected planet, but we tend to misunderstand the meaning of learning. Learning from others can affect your future choices and make you see your own circumstances in a different light.


Giving yourself the chance to growing, connecting, tuning in.

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