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Thanks for the LoVe Vinito!

vinito yin yoga ttc

Here another Yinster, check out what Vinito has to say about our training: “I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Yin Yoga course. All I knew was that I loved the yin yoga classes I attended in Australia, and wanted to deepen my understanding and practice. The course surpassed my expectations, it was awesome.

Alex and Eva are deep with experience, knowledge and wisdom on yin yoga and how it relates to the body mind and soul. They expertly, clearly, and deeply cover the many elements of yin yoga, such as:

Asanas, the Meridian system, the Daoist 5 elements, the different organs of the body that the different Asanas effect. How to teach a class, and much more.

This information is repeated, gently again and again, to help our systems absorb the information.

The class itself is held in such an encouraging, warm, and supportive holding that overcomes any fears that may come up, and makes you feel that anything and everything is possible. The class was not only deeply informative, it was also fun, and the class I was with became very connected and supportive of each other. New, deep friendships were made. I can highly recommended this course to everyone.” Vinito