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Pose of the week – Bananasana

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Stretch like a banana! Yoga helps us to create more space for the energy and oxygen to float through the body. We achieve this by not only opening the chest area, but by doing a combination of bending, twists, extensions and reversions. Stretching the sides of the body is also very important to let the energy flow, and a great way to do this is with the Bananasana.


If you have tight iliobial (IT) bands from any physical activity, like running or playing sports, then this is it! The Bananasana gives a side bend to your spine and works from the IT band to the tops of the side ribs. It might seem a bit funny, but this pose can be very beneficial and therapeutic if done properly.


Start by laying on your back with your legs touching the floor. On your inhale, you bring your hands overhead to the ground bringing your palms together. Move your arms and legs towards each other by moving it to the right or left, until you feel a stretch to the side of the body. Feel how you are bending like a banana towards the sun – and breathe…. Be aware that both your hips and buttocks are staying on the mat. A nice post to be held for longer, up to 5 minutes are awesome, so the whole side of your body is stretched. To come out of the pose, you simply move back and stay in a neutral rebound of a bit before you come all the way to the other side.

  • Stretches the whole body
  • Opens the ribs and chest area
  • Stretches stomach muscles and intercostal muscles
  • Works on iliotibial band
  • Meridian lines of the Gall Bladder are addressed on our side, and the Heart, Lungs and Intestines are stimulated along the arms