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Yin Yoga & Self-love

The tale of Yin and Yang is a tale as old as time. It implements in all aspects of life. Calm and storm, sentiment and power, darkness and light – it’s all important in everyday life and yoga practice. Yoga helps to discover deep and superficial, so it’s crucial to keep Yin and Yang balanced in your practice. Unfortunately, people often forget that in you yang dominated life. But Yin yoga has all the powers that the Yang side lacks, and that’s why they live in harmony. And, if you want to regain harmony in your life and rediscover love towards your being, you need to feel the power of the moon, too, and give Yin yoga some attention. Today we’ll talk about how you can harness the power of yin yoga and learn to love yourself.

Yin focuses on the power of stillness

Yin yoga, in contrast to “yang” yoga, aims to stretch and strengthen the body’s deep connective tissues, including the fascia, tendons, joints, and all parts of the skeleton. It is more deliberate and contemplative, providing an opportunity to quiet the chatter of the mind and focus on the subtleties of the body’s experience. Yin yoga teaches you how to breathe through the discomfort and sit with your thoughts while stretching and strengthening your less-used connective tissues.

When you learn how to breathe through the discomfort, you’ll know to harness the power of yin yoga and learn to love yourself.

Get your Chi flowing

Yin yoga stems from Taoist and old Chinese teachings, which hold that our bodies are permeated by channels through which Chi (energy) circulates. By lengthening and delving more deeply into postures, we create space for this energy to go unhindered. In a nutshell, a yin yoga technique improves our Chi circulation by maintaining the different postures for longer instead of putting more power into faster movements.

What is the true power of yin yoga?

Yin yoga won’t bulk your muscles and make you appear more athletic in a significant way. However, it has significant positive effects on your body and mind, which are not visible. It will improve:

  • your flexibility and mobility
  • the strength of your ligaments, tendons, fascia, joints and bones
  • circulation
  • your perspective on life

Become flexible

One of the main advantages of regular yin yoga practice is increased flexibility thanks to elastic fascia and flexible joints. You don’t have to be flexible before you start practising – it will build up over time. Yin is one of the most effective strategies to increase flexibility and release tension in tight regions. It focuses on extended stays, which are necessary for the fascia to experience any change in its elasticity.

You can never achieve this level of flexibility with fast movements that yang yoga focuses on. Harnessing the power of goddess takes focusing on every millimeter fiber in your body – you’ll feel it all. And, once you do, you’ll never go back to the common struggles of a sedentary lifestyle.

More strength in tendons and joins will take of the pain

Fascia acts as a kind of shrink wrap for your muscles and skeleton. Pain and stiffness might be the result of the underuse of this connective tissue, which causes it to harden and become less pliable. According to experienced yoga instructors, “if you gently stretch connective tissue by maintaining a yin position for a long period, the body will react by making them a bit longer and stronger,” which is precisely what you want.

Increase the oxygen flow

Staying in one position for a more extended period requires different breathing patterns. To hold still, you need to take longer and deeper breaths. That will increase your capacity and oxygen levels in your blood. As a result, your body will have a greater energy reserve, which will help you do your everyday tasks with less struggle. Also, this will be beneficial for your brain – more oxygen will make you feel energized and ready to take on a world, as well as give some love to yourself.

Stress and anxiety reduction

The breathing pattern and keeping the stretching position for a certain amount of time will activate your parasympathetic system. This part of your nervous system slows your heart rate and helps you relax. That’s why especially after yin yoga practice, you’ll feel that the stress and anxiety levels are lower and that you can see the world around you more clearly. This will make a positive inner environment that will help you learn to love yourself.

The calming power of yin yoga is beneficial in severe cases when the person has lost all their love for themselves. For example, addiction treatment specialists often emphasize that patients need to be aware of the connection between anxiety and addiction to heal. For that matter, yin yoga can come as a great stimulant. People in treatment learn to be self-aware, which will lead to regaining self-love.

Yin yoga is not just a stretch – it’s a way of living that can help you get through hard times.

Harness the power of yin yoga and learn to love yourself through simple positions

The greatest power and the greatest benefits do not come from the most difficult positions, especially for beginners. The goddess, the moon, the energy doesn’t require great force to show her powers and help you. Diving into the Melting Heart pose (or Anahatasana) will help your Heart Meridian Chi flow. You’ll see the world from a different, divine perspective once you let yourself be a part of the everlasting bundle of energy. You’ll see your strengths, as well as your flaws, all together as a part of the divine creation that you are. Yin yoga doesn’t require that you break your spine in order to see the divine.

Her other name is patience, and she’ll teach you how to be patient with yourself and with your growth. So, don’t be afraid to receive the gift that she offers. You can harness the power of yin yoga and learn to love yourself as soon as you want to.