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How Yoga Can Ignite Your Feminine Energy

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As we move through our lives, we pass through different stages and changes. A woman’s body will go through puberty, motherhood, menopause, fertility, ovulation, menstruation, and many other changes. Fortunately, yoga can teach us to be open and receptive to changes, and it may assist us in developing a reaction, an adaptation, and a much-needed balance. By honoring the feminine in all of us, we may gain inner knowledge, flexibility in our bodies and minds, and the courage to be passionately loyal to ourselves. One way to channel that feminine energy is through yoga. As a result, in this article, we will show you how yoga can ignite your feminine energy and bring out the goddess in you.

Why should you ignite your feminine energy?

Society asks us to be strong, decisive, logical, controlled, strategic, and have a solution-oriented way of thinking. And we do that perfectly in our daily lives without even thinking about it. However, those are the masculine energy values, and masculine and feminine energy are equally significant and needed in everyone, regardless of gender. Therefore, the balance of these two energies determines the harmony of your connections with others. As a result, learning how to call upon your feminine energy is essential. It will help you rediscover your flow, love, patience, emotions, intuition, and empathy. And fortunately enough, yoga can help you rediscover and reconnect with your feminine energy. Here is how:

AYin and Yang simbol on a paper.

You must balance your Yin and Yang energy to live in harmony.

Yoga poses that can ignite your feminine energy

While the sun governs male energy (Yang), which focuses on objectives, advancement, and strength, the moon governs feminine energy (Yin), focused on nurturing, creativity, and flow. You can channel both of these energies through yoga practices.

Yin Yoga allows us to experience the full introspective and soothing advantages of yoga without the physical exertion of Yang yoga. It is a slow-paced yoga practice in which meditation, mindfulness, and inner calm prepare the mind and body for the practice’s benefits.

So, roll out your mat, and get comfy. We are about to show you how to ignite your feminine energy.

Sitting mountain pose / Vajrasana

This pose can help you open your heart and feel strong and serene. To enter this pose, kneel on the mat, keep your knees pointing forward, and your feet spread behind you. Sit back on your heels, and keep your back straight. You can place a pillow beneath your buttocks or knees for more comfort. If you cannot kneel, sit on a chair so your spine remains straight rather than bent. Relax your shoulders and maintain your chest open. Breathe deeply and gently to help your body and mind relax. Imagine yourself rooted like a mountain, energy passing through your spine and releasing power and tranquility.

yin yoga vajrasana

Yin yoga Varjasana

The sitting mountain pose is not just good for channeling your feminine energy. In reality, this pose, like many other yoga poses, can help you in addiction recovery. That can benefit your mental health and assist you in learning how to relax and have a clear head when coping with cravings. The sitting mountain pose welcomes stillness into the body that will keep your mind quiet so you can focus on yourself.

Butterfly pose

The most magnificent of poses, butterfly, allows us to passively open our hips and hearts while also allowing us to relax fully. To enter the butterfly pose, sit on your mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Then, bring your feet together and bring them towards yourself in a diamond shape with your knees pointing out. Clasp your feet gently and slowly lower your legs toward the floor by bringing your weight in your forearms restiong your upper thighs. As a variation, lie down on your back and rest your hands on your stomach or above your head.

Woman doing the butterfly yoga pose.

The butterfly pose is one of the simplest yoga poses you can use to ignite your feminine energy.

Squat pose

This pose requires you to do a low squat that will stretch your thighs and help you embrace the power of your body. While your legs are hard at work sustaining the position, you will undoubtedly feel the growth in the lower body. The squat pose is also excellent for relieving menstrual cramps.

To enter this pose, begin in the mountain position (standing up straight), bring your legs outwards, and raise your hands over your head with palms together. Pull your belly button inwards and tilt the pelvis slightly. Anchor your heels to the ground and squat downward slowly. Now all you need to do is maintain the pose for as long as you feel comfortable. If you could use some support, press your elbows on the inside of the knees. That will help you open the hip flexors.

In addition to all those lovely yin poses we can also find the yin in the yang, see here our suggestions:
Goddess pose

Goddess pose can truly spark that tremendous energy that dwells within you. This pose is all about bringing forth your inner goddess. And, like a goddess, this pose is powerful – it demands a lot of strength, stamina, and determination.

Therefore, step on the mat, keep the heels in and the toes out, stretch your spine, inhale deeply and reach your arms high. Exhale, bend the knees, engage the core, and sink deep into the hips. If you like moving your body, you can try spiraling. Sway from one foot to the other, release tension in the spine, hips, waist, and belly, and rediscover your inner strength.

Tree pose

This pose is all about regaining balance and harmony. The focus necessary to maintain stability can contribute to a sense of serenity and calm. To enter the pose, stand tall on your mat and put your weight on your left foot. Bring your hands to your heart or above your head with palms together, towards the ceiling. Then, start raising your right foot inward, towards your left thigh. Draw the knee back to open the hip. Stay in this position as long as you are comfortable, then switch legs.

Final thoughts

Practicing yoga poses allows you to channel your feminine energy, feel more balanced, and rediscover your strengths. Therefore, anytime you need to be reminded of just how magnificent you are, use yoga to ignite your feminine energy. Practice the poses we presented, and resurrect the powerful goddess inside you.

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