Tina Bärtle

Tina Bärtle

Yin & Yang, Anatomy

Tina loves to be in motion and since she can remember she was passionate about moving her body. So her first interest in yoga came from a physical angle, but very quickly she noticed the positive mental, emotional and energetic effects of the practice and yoga helped her through some hard times in her life.

As a professionally educated Physiotherapist, she loves to build the bridge between therapy and yoga and ever since her first teacher training in 2010, she never stopped diving deeper into the vast world of yoga. As a well-seasoned teacher travelling worldwide, she has around 1000 hours of training and workshops under her belt.

Her passion is Vinyasa yoga and as a former dancer, she loves to combine yoga and music to create a flow of asanas to become a dance. LIFE IS A DANCE, SO LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. But there is no yang without yin and so she found her way to yin yoga and appreciates this mindful and meditative, but also challenging practice.

Born in Germany she moved to Fuerteventura (Canary Island) early in life, which she calls her home base now for almost 30 years. She now became a globetrotter to teach and share the love for yoga with us.