Bay Vista Sri Lanka

Bay Vista welcomes you to the East coast of the tropical island of Sri Lanka with sunny warmth and promises you lasting experiences. Ensconced amidst rustling coconut palms, located in the heart of the small costal village Arugam Bay, our stunning beach front venue Bay Vista is just a stroll away from one of the world’s top ten surfing spots.

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Each day at Bay Vista lures you towards different adventures – from cresting the most challenging waves to strolls on the beach at sunrise and breathtaking scenery, from experiencing local cuisine and beach life in Arugam Bay to connecting to the surrounding abundant nature. Bay Vista invites you to discover the way of life of the locals and lose yourself in the rustic charm that surrounds Arugam Bay.

The rooftop open to the cobalt sky is the ideal spot for our yoga practice. Breathtaking ocean views, a sunrise witnessed here will, undoubtedly, leave an everlasting impression. The rooftop is also a nice place to chill, watch the action on the beach and check out the healthy bar whenever you get the munchies.

After a day of yoga and exploring, you’ll enjoy relaxing in the comfortable rooms. Choose a double, triple or family room, all with a sea view on one side and land view on the other. The rooms come complete with all amenities such as AC, hot water, ceiling fan and private balcony.

How to get there:

We are happy to provide you with all the information on how to make your way to Arugam Bay and to arrange for airport transfers (taxi, bus or shuttle on your own cost). Also consider a first overnight stay in Colombo if you choose to have a rest first before taking on the 6 hour taxi journey across the beautiful island to the East coast.

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