Anneliese Piers

Anneliese Piers


Annelise Piers, our yin yoga & essential oil specialist, traded in her corporate suits for yoga pants after 17+ years as a cross-cultural coach to follow the call of creating deeper change in people she trained.

In 2014, she stumbled upon yoga to fix her gut and hormonal issues and decided to take up a teacher’s training to improve her own practice. It was at her very first yin yoga experience that she felt the overwhelming call to teach others and has dedicated the last 7 years to research and deep study of the yin and is now on a serious mission to teach others who share the same vision for deeper healing.

The other rabbit hole Annelise adventured down is the magical world of Essential Oils. She’s fondly referred to as ‘the good witch’ or ‘the mistress of magical potions’; no healing consult or class with her is complete without a personalised essential oil blend/recommendation.

She created the AromaYin courses – bringing together her solid foundation in the Yin Meridians, Acupoints and Elements and her understanding of how essential oils work with Qi, vibrations and emotions.