If you have a love for adventure and a deep respect for life and nature combined with an uncompromised sense of integrity for your personal evolution this retreat is for you!

“The moment you get up on that surf board there is that feeling of complete oneness with the ocean. Its like you’re both breathing together at one time.”

Surf & Soul Retreat in Goa

14th – 21st September 2020

5th – 12th October 2020

6th to 13th December 2020

3rd to 10th March 2021

Imagine waking up at sunrise to meditate right by the seaside and hearing nothing but the sounds of waves crashing. Preparing yourself with some wake up beach yoga and start your day with a surf lesson in the Arabian Sea. Goa with its rather soft waves is the perfect location to learn surfing! After an active start in the day you will enjoy a sublime brunch buffet and find some time and space just for yourself. Time out for just being, enjoying the relaxation of life by the beach. In the late afternoons immerse in Yin Yoga Healing sessions, dedicating some time to a mindful meditative yoga practice to activate your chi flow and body’s innate healing powers. Join us for this unforgettable “Surf & Soul” experience filled with yoga, surf and self development – just exactly how we like it. Learn to surf, restore with yin yoga, pamper yourself with our luxurious stay at Devarya Wellness Retreat and spend your days enjoying the beach in the shade of a coconut tree. In yoga and surfing we play our sensations, each time awaiting a new invitation. We ride the edges of our poses with a gentle flowing breath, like a surfer is riding the waves of the ocean. Yoga and surfing is just such a fantastic combination in so many ways. Surfing is active and dynamic. There is quite a difference to yoga’s mindful movements and meditation practices. But then, there are a lot of similarities. Going with the flow, tuning in and listening to your body closely as we are being connected to the ocean. It’s the feeling of complete oneness, which requires us to be in tune with nature and our body. Surfing is a “YANG” form of exercise, full of movement, rhythm and repetition. Through this movement our muscles expand and contract, growing stronger. But by this we are also limiting our bodies, we tend to lose our natural softness, becoming more inflexible and increasingly tight. With all the paddling and repetitive take offs on a fun surf morning, we need the “YIN” in order to keep the flexibility and longevity in our bodies. So … if surfing is your “YANG”, let yoga be your “YIN”. The combination of Surfing with Yin Yoga gives us the balance our bodies need to experience optimum health and happiness. One-way to think of balance is this: a total state of health that incorporates togetherness of body and mind. To be balanced is a way of being and a state of mind. Yin Yoga can restore this balance and be the soothing balm to heal and rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Let us take you in the afternoons on an inner Yin Yoga Healing journey through the Taoist elements and learn about their energetic value and the chi meridian flow in your body.When you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation. Yin Yoga will help you create profound shifts in your physical and emotional well-being. We will demystify how energy affects everything you do and feel and show you how to mindful work with your body and mind. These Yin Yoga Healing sessions will help you build vitality, unravel energetic blockages, and boost your immunity. With our Surf & Soul program you have the opportunity and space to let your mind learn from the body experience of learning new things and cultivate a free spirit. To love life and live free.To be in touch with nature and yourself. And then, we might realize, there is nothing more grounding than a body and a mind that have decided to be whole. By the end of this retreat, you will feel stronger, healthier, and better able to thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live! Our Venue: Located in the heart of a serene seaside town in Goa is Devarya Wellness Resort, where you can breathe, experience and live the yoga life. Spanning 7,000 square metres, this green wellness retreat overlooking Morjim Beach is a peaceful sanctuary. The in-house beach front restaurant The Chia Lounge serves tasty & healthy organic meals complete with superfood fueling ingredients to help you detox your system. From enjoying the large swimming pools, sunbathing on the sandy Morjim beach or watching the sun set into the Arabian sea, you can experience it all at Devarya Wellness – the serene environment to stimulate your mind, energise your body and speak to your soul.


With you on the board: Our expert in the water is Edy Rodrigues, owner of Octopus Surf School and possibly the most patient surf teacher of all times 🙂 Surf & Soul Program: 8 days, 7 nights at Devarya Wellness Retreat Sunrise Yoga Mornings 7 Surfing Lessons Yin Yoga Healing Afternoons Transformational Healing Circles Pricing per person:    Sharing Rooms (based on two sharing): Standard – 799 Euros Junior Cottage – 860 Euros Chakra Room – 930 Euros Cottage – 999 Euros    Single Rooms: Standard – 1050 Euros Junior Cottage – 1100 Euros Chakra Room – 1200 Euros Cottage – 1300 Euros Included in the Offer: • Accommodation priced per person inclusive of tax, bed linen, bath towels, hand soap & housekeeping services • Two daily yoga classes (yin & yang) • Surf board rental & lessons with qualified teacher • Two buffet meals breakfast and dinner • Filtered drinking water & hot drinks including lemon ginger and chai (full day) • A variety of evening activities open to all throughout your stay including Indian Kirtan, OSHO meditations, Indian music, movie nights, chanting and meditation • Full use of resort amenities including two swimming pools, relaxation areas, gardens and private beach access with sun loungers

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