Thoddoo Island


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The Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean, and it’s an amazing nature spot. Our trainings will be held on the island of Thoddoo.

You have probably seen mesmerizing pictures of Maldives in magazines and on Instagram, and the destination is picturesque with the whitest of soft sand surrounded by the clearest shallow waters that one can imagine.

Located in Alif Alif Atoll, Thoddoo Island is the largest island in the atoll, it measures 2km long and 1km wide. A beautiful local island, with a local community of about 2000 people is welcoming you. The lush vegetation accentuated by swaying palm trees makes this island one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Maldives. The island is surrounded by a spectacular house reef with rich flora and fauna. Baby sharks, moray eels, rays, and turtles are often found on the house reef. 

Tourism is thriving on the island, with many travellers wanting to experience the beauty of the Maldivian waters without paying the high price tag of the private resort islands. The charming locals, the untouched beauty, and the simplicity will leave you wanting to come back and will definitely make your Maldives dreams come true!

Your home in the Maldives

We will be staying at a little local guest house, the Kingsway Thoddoo. Expect a family-style experience with a small circle of like-minded yogis.

Kingsway Thoddoo has 12 simple rooms with everything you need. The guesthouse is nestled in a quiet corner of the Maldivian island and provides modern contemporary accommodation.  The rooms are ’boutique style’ with comfortable beds and private en-suite bathrooms. Every guest bedroom has a AC, a private bathroom and a balcony or access to outdoor seating. 

Thoddoo island is well known as the agricultural island of the Maldives and is famous for producing watermelons, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Tasting tropical fruit, freshly picked is a luxury available all year round on Thoddoo island. Wandering around the island, you can find the local fruit for sale from vendors at the beach and also in local grocery stores. They will be serving as much as possible of locally grown produce during the meals, this not only supports the local community but also supports you to be more healthy and happy!

The guesthouse provides us with 3 delicious, fresh, and locally grown vegetarian meals on your study days plus a daily serving of fresh juice.

On Thoddoo you will not find the typical honeymoon overwater resorts but a local community with a lot of charm. The beach is picturesque and during your days off the ocean will be calling your name. Whether it’s just a swim in the beautiful lagoon, or joining a snorkelling or diving excursion, the water will be where you want to be.

The main airport is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE) in Male. Our program coordinator Kate is happy to welcome you and will arrange your speedboat transfer to the island (45 USD).

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