Mandrem, Goa, India

Nalanda Retreat

A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, susegad, and spirituality, Goa is India’s pocket-sized paradise. Located on the west coast of India, you can have the sight of high Sahyadri ranges on one side and on another side the picturesque view of the Arabian Sea. Goa is known for its pictorial beauty, striking beaches, beautiful temples and churches, grand festival celebrations, and colourful Hindu and Catholic heritage.

Goa has become a well-visited winter getaway where yoga is celebrated and spiritual activities are on a daily schedule: sunrise yoga sessions on the beach, reiki healing courses, meditation, and just about every other form of spiritual exploration, are all practised freely. 



In the ‘yoga-Mecca’ town of Goa, Mandrem, you find Nalanda Retreat. A beach property where you can enjoy the seaside and experience the yoga life, practising and studying on the rooftop shala with an absolutely stunning sea view.

The word Nalanda, which in Sanskrit means Giver of Knowledge, describes the soul of this yoga resort. Built to be a place of growth and healing, it is the perfect sanctuary away from the hustle where one is able to fully embrace what it means to live a holistic lifestyle.

Spread across 3000 square metres, Nalandas beach front lounge offers you a beautiful view of the ocean. Enjoy the fine blend of elements of Goan Portuguese heritage and the aesthetics of Rajasthani royalty. Specially designed to celebrate the colourful and mystical spirit of India, the rooms speak to your senses, let you soak in the relaxed vibes of the property and resonate with your inner balance.

The in-house beach front restaurant Chia Seed serves tasty and healthy organic meals complete with superfood fuelled ingredients to help you detox your system. From enjoying the pool, to sunbathing on the sandy beach or watching the sun set into the Arabian sea, you can experience it all at Nalanda – the serene environment stimulates your mind, energise your body and speak to your soul.

Nalanda offers you the perfect peaceful ambience to dive deep into your yoga journey and the perfect surrounding to enjoy the tropical seaside beach town Mandrem. Here you can experience the goodness and mindfulness of a holistic yoga lifestyle combined with enjoying the love for the local culture, nature and the ocean.


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