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The quickest way to affect mood and physiology is through inhaling an essential oil. It takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain, 2 minutes to the bloodstream and in 20 minutes, it’s in every cell. Essential oil therapy with yin yoga together is a  powerful combination that can deepen the mind-body connection and create a multi-sensory healing experience.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have been used for centuries to promote physical and emotional well-being. They can be used in a variety of ways, including aromatherapy, topical application, and certain oils for ingestion. Some smells (and tastes) can create more positive emotions than others, depending on individual experiences and chemistry. This is why a deeper understanding of how essential oils work and their use in a synergistic practice such as yin yoga is so vital.

Our yin and essential oil specialist for this module is Annelise Piers (find out more about her here). She’s been steeped in yoga and essential oils since 2016. In this AromaYin course, Annelise brings together the fundamentals of yin yoga, the ancient Taoist healing wisdom of acupoints, meridians and chi flow, and the physical energetic value of essential oils.

Learn about the yin long-held stretches in stillness and how they target the connective tissues of the body, such as the ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Get insight into how the yin yoga practice helps strengthen those ‘yin’  tissues and also to improve flexibility, releases tension, and calm the mind.

But most of all get insight on how to work with the Daoist Elements, Meridians and flow of Chi not only in the Yin Yoga practice but also how to deepen this experience with essential oils. This quintessential plant medicine is the very essence of the plant, stimulating our body’s innate intelligence to balance and heal itself.  

You will learn to blend and use oils safely to enhance the movement of energy – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – through application along the meridians and at acupoints.

In addition to their therapeutic benefits, essential oils can also be used to create a multi-sensory experience during a yin yoga practice. Just like we learn to play our physical and emotional edges in long-held poses in yin, one learns to appreciate aromatic edges, taking this valuable insight into your teaching practice.

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Incl. accommodation, meals & program


65-hrs module block of 300-hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training program & 700-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ education


AromaYin Teacher Training

Essential Oil Therapy & Yin Yoga Healing with Meridians and Acu Points
Yin Yoga Foundations
  • History and people 
  • The foundational components of Yin
  • The practice principles
  • The theory of yin vs yang exercise

Yin Yoga Practice & Teaching
  • 25 Classic Yin Poses +
  • Variations + additional poses for the upper body
  • Functional alignment, individual skeletal variations
  • When and how to use props
  • Functional and energetic aspects of the poses
  • Sequencing guidelines
  • Sequences for Each Daoist Element & Meridian

    Therapeutic Aspects of Yin Yoga
    • The Concept of Balance, Yin & Yang and Chi
    • The Theory of the Daoist Elements, Meridians & their Healing Wisdom
    • Extracurricular workshop on acupressure points
    • Dan Tien Healing breath
    • Mindfulness

      Foundational Aspects of Essential Oils 
      • What they are 
      • How they work in the body
      • The different families of oils 
      • Essential oils and blending: formulae and safe usage  

      Essential Oils (EOs) in Yin Yoga  
      • Oils for the Dan Tiens and breathwork 
      • EOs and Chi
      • Different oils for each element   
      • Essential oils on acupoints and along the meridians
      • Essential oils for raising vibrations — oils for different states (alpha, theta, delta — Nidra, sound healing, mantra, chanting)
      • Blending and creating mood/themes

      Daily Yoga Practice
      • Interactive Yin Workshops
      • AromaYin Healing Immersions
      • Meditations / Sunset Circles
      • Lead yang morning practices for movement & balance

      65 Hours AromaYin


      Accreditation as module block of 300hrs Yoga Alliance Certification

      & Module block of 700hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ Professional Diploma


      • With successful completion of the training, students will receive a Yoga Alliance-affiliated 65-hrs certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (registered school with Yoga Alliance) which can be accredited to the 300-hrs Yoga Alliance certification program / or alternatively can count as Yoga Alliance continuing education credits with YACEP Annelise Piers.


      • Additionally, students will receive a 65-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ Practitioner certificate, accredited by Alexandra Denkinger, Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(Acu) and founder of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre Yoga Alliance School, affiliated with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine as a module of the 700-hour Yin Yoga Therapy™ Professional Diploma.

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      Incl. accommodation, meals & program

      Yin Aroma

      65-hrs module block of 300-hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training program & 700-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ education

      Using the aroma of the essential oils in the yin yoga class was a fantastic fairytale-like experience. Wonderful smells are welcoming you and immediately I felt a greater sense of inner peace and calm already when entering the room.

      Anneliese welcomes everyone so warmly and besides her knowledge and tips on how to use the essential oils, she has a wonderful way of guiding us through the yin yoga poses. Her knowledge of the benefits of the oils, the acupoints and where to apply them is impressive.

      I am grateful for those insights, I will certainly now use more essential oils in my life! It really helps to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated and I am happy to know now how to use an essential oil to support my own wellbeing.

      Martina B.

      alex - founder yin yoga teacher training yoga alliance school

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