200 hour / 3 weeks Yin & Yang in Balance Mar-Apr 2025

Mar 31, 2025
Apr 19, 2025


Get your yoga teacher 200-hrs certification (Yoga Alliance) with this complete course covering all foundational aspects of yoga (incl.40 hours self-paced online modules).

Incl. accommodation, three daily meals on study days, program & manual.

With this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC program, you will learn different approaches to balance the body, mind & soul and broaden your skill set to encompass more than one kind of yoga.

Ultimately it is all about the balance. We need activity and rest. In this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC we work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to balance yang and yin in your yoga practice and your life.

It is essential to remember that no two bodies are alike and that our needs vary from day to day. A key part of any yoga practice is to develop an awareness that helps us to observe the daily changing needs (mental, emotional, and physical) so that we can choose and adapt our yoga practice – more breath work, more meditation, more restorative yin or more active dynamic yang yoga asana – to these needs and to be able to offer our student’s different options and alternatives.

By practicing Yin and Yang together, we are re-balancing the body, mind, and soul at once, gaining fitness, and practicing to listen closely. By finding balance in our physical yoga practice, we allow this experience to guide the way to find balance on an emotional and mental level. By working with our body and breath in different scenarios, we fine-tune our intuition and insight, and this in turn will allow us to deepen the understanding of our own and other’s well-being.

Your guides for this course are Jenny Stark and Tina Bärtle (see more about them here).

In this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC you will gain insight into the importance and joy of a balanced practice, and discover the different opportunities yoga provides to release physical and emotional tension and stress. Learn how to identify your student’s needs to adjust your teaching to a variety of diverse scenarios and challenges.

3 Weeks Immersion Yang & Yin Yoga TTC

In the in-person immersion part of our Yang & Yin Yoga TTC, we will guide you through a journey through the yin and yang side of yoga, tapping into the ancient healing wisdom of both practices. There is no specific prerequisite required but an open mind and commitment and dedication to your personal development.

This Yang & Yin in Balance TTC program is designed to allow participants to be able to teach the full spectrum yoga has to offer. By practising both styles, you will be re-balancing the body, mind, and soul at once, gaining fitness, and understanding to listen closely. Through finding a balance in physical yoga practice, this experience will guide you on the path to finding balance on a mental, emotional and energetic level.

The yang flow yoga classes have a creative and dynamic character, building strength and stamina with intention in movement. The yin practice provides a deep and meditative space that enhances your awareness, enables you to feel more subtle energies and sensations, and allows the time to listen to the body closely.

You will get to know more about additional methods and a variety of meditation approaches to support this journey. In this immersion, we create a safe space for you to learn, connect and share and invite a long-lasting transformation. We offer you insight into the power of visualization and breath, Yoga Nidra, Mantras and Mudras. There will be plenty of opportunities for the students to practice teaching both styles themselves, and develop their skills and own style of teaching in this process.

+ 40 hours Self-Paced Online Course

To complete a solid foundation for your yoga teacher 200 hr certification and a deep understanding of yoga in all its variations we offer you an additional 40-hour self-paced online video course. Of these 40 hours 20 hours are dedicated to anatomy and physiology, and 20 hours will focus on general yoga humanities.

The Anatomy 20 hours Online Course will look into the anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body, as well as the human physiology like the nervous system, incl. ‘fight, flight, freeze’ stress response, vagal theory, overall mind-body connection, cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine, digestive systems and the respiratory system as they relate to yoga practice.

In the Yoga Humanities 20 Hours Online Course we share details about general yoga history, philosophy and foundations like the eight limbs and Patanjali’s yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. You will get to know about the Chakras, Koshas, Prana Vaayus, Kleshas and more.

Both these video courses you can start anytime after the complete sign-up and you will have one year time to go through the material at your own pace. Our team is always available for active support throughout this process.

After the in-person immersion, you will receive with successful examination your Yin Yoga Therapy™ teacher certificate right away, but only after the completion of the online courses, you will be able to register as an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.



200 Hours / 3 Weeks

Yang Flow – Intention in movement

Yang Flow, a more dynamic yoga practise offers a wonderful active way of stimulating the vital energy (Chi or Prana) that flows through our bodies.

While a dynamic flow yoga practice is one of the most popular forms of yoga offered in the modern world nowadays, it is often not fully understood. As philosophy, the Yang Flow practice recognises the temporary nature of things. We enter into a posture, stay there for a few breaths and then leave in transition to the next pose.

Yang Flow Yoga offers a variety of postures, the classes have a dynamic and creative character. In fact, the variable nature of this dynamic style of yoga helps you to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen out of a mechanical, fixed yoga sequence.

There are no particular body requirements to practice this style of yoga and it is NOT targeted to specific yogis, such as people with a particular body type or workout routine.

Through developing your own style of a Yang Flow practice, you will discover new ways to prepare yourself to stillness and meditation, you’ll be exploring the powerful benefits of combining breathwork techniques with poses, and therefore it will contribute to benefit the overall of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, alongside the physical benefits promoted by this dynamic style of yoga.

As physical activity causes the body to sweat and expel toxins, synchronised breathing calms the mind. Improving your cardiovascular system and muscle strength as well as your flexibility are additional benefits of a Yang Flow practice.

Yin Yoga – Potential in Stillness

Yin Yoga (also often titled the other half of your practice) is a deep and meditative practise that enhances your awareness, allows you to feel more subtle energies and sensations, and teaches you to listen to your body closely.

In this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC, you will learn Yin Yoga’s components and principles and you’ll get the chance to deepen your own practise in order to re-balance your body and mind — unravelling energetic blockages, boosting the immunity system, lowering stress hormones so then you will feel re-energized at every level.

The stillness of the long-held static stretches with relaxed muscles in Yin Yoga creates a deep awareness of body, mind, and soul. By the emotional release of stress and tension stored on a physical level, in the connective tissues and fascia, Yin Yoga reverses the process of generating stress-related diseases and stimulates high vibrational body energy that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Yin Yoga activates our inner body intelligence in order to reach out to a blissful state of being, also well-known as “Zen”. It’s a natural process of self-healing that can reverse long-term issues due to mental and physical patterns hard to let go of.

In this training, you’ll be exploring the powerful and natural healing powers residing in your own body, mind, and soul, and you’ll learn that by changing your energy vibrations, you will heal yourself from a long-term perspective. The ancient healing wisdom of the Daoist Elements and the Chi flow in the body will be guiding you through a long-lasting self-transformation.

This Yang & Yin Yoga TTC offers both practices together and so creates the perfect balance of body, mind, and soul.

By attending this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC, you’ll learn the benefits of combining styles of yoga and you’ll be beautifully conveying to your students the common goal of these polar practices together: to purify, balance and harmonize the body, mind, and soul. Processing, integrating, and teaching in more than one style can both serve your students and enliven your own practice.


‘Yang & Yin Yoga TTC in Balance’

  • Two styles of yoga at once – yang or dynamic yoga and yin or passive yoga – and use them both to nurture, balance and heal yourself and others. We offer an immersive yoga journey through dynamic yoga alongside yin yoga, learning the power of the Daoist elements alongside with Chakra and Breath Work and you’ll be exploring their powerful healing wisdom.
  • Personal practice and gain hands on teaching experience in both styles.
  • Foundations of a classical yoga teacher training, get a solid overview of the basics of yoga, its history, philosophy and ethics.
  • Coordinate the movement with the breath to flow from one pose to the next in Vinyasa style. Expand your own vital life force energy through movement to clear your energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. You’ll learn the withdrawal of your senses and to flow with your students in the classroom.
  • The precious art of sequencing your Yang Flow Yoga classes. You’ll learn all the main traditional pranayama techniques for your own and others’ wellbeing, and combine them within a contemporary dynamic yoga scenario to re-balance the chakras, and to diverse physical and emotional needs of yourself/your students.
  • Embody mindfulness principles in your Yin yoga practice. You’ll learn all about mindfulness theory and practice to design mindfulness classes and guide your students through a mindful practice on the mat, and invite them to use mindfulness and additional tools like visualizations and mudras in their daily life to promote a long lasting transformation.
  • Learn about Yin Yoga’s Oriental Medicine aspects, the Daoist Elements and the Chi flow. Get to know yin sequences according to the Elements and Meridians to integrate this ancient healing wisdom in your Yin yoga practice and teaching.
  • Look into the Ayurvedic Dosha System, Doshas Analysis and tips for well-being.
  • For a complete package get to know the basic anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body, physiology and biomechanics principles & the theory of the exercise.
  • A variety of different meditation techniques are offered as additional tools to support your teaching experience. We look into the Power of Visualization and Inspirational Breath, Metta Meditation, Heart Opening Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantras, Mudras and Chakras, Moon Rituals, and Transformational Healing and Sharing Circles.
    The Art of Sharing and Connecting – you’ll be learning to create a sharing circle to allow your students to heal and to connect with each other.
  • And to take your yoga teaching to the next level we look into your professional development. Yoga Alliance’s Code of Conduct and the Credentialing Process will be discussed as well as Marketing For Yoga Teachers are offered with tricks and tips for building a healthy and solid yoga business.

For an embodied experience of the theory behind the practice, students will start teaching both styles right away. Stretched over three weeks, there is plenty of opportunity for students to practice and refine their own teaching. The students will leave this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC program feeling confident, having gained a broad dynamic and yin yoga background being able to sequence Yang Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga classes, and lead creatively and intelligently classes in both styles.

In this Yang & Yin Yoga TTC 200 hours training, you will also gain the opportunity to release physical and emotional tension and stress, free blocked and stagnant energy, recognize your students physical and emotional needs, and address yoga practices to a variety of diverse physical and emotional scenarios and challenges.

By practicing Yin and Yang together, we are re-balancing the body, mind, and soul at once, practicing to listen closely. Working with our breath and fine-tuning our intuition and insight will allow us to deepen the understanding of our own and others’ physical and emotional well-being.



200 Hours / 3 Weeks + 40 hours online

Practice of Yin & Yang Yoga

  • The classic Yin & Yang poses + variations
  • Modifications and alternatives
  • Special situations / Target areas / Meridians / Chakras
  • The 7-point-asana-analysis-principle

The Art of Teaching Yin

  • Intention / Expression / Context / Tools
  • The art of leading a Yin class / seduction to stillness
  • The language of Yin
  • Sequences for each meridian and Daoist element and their healing wisdom
  • Students teaching practice – embodied practical experience
  • How to use props in Yin Yoga / special situations

The Art of Teaching Yang Flow

  • Intention / Warm up / Context / Tools
  • Directional language, tone of voice, cues and demo, extra verbal and body tools
  • The art of sequencing a Yang yoga class based on theme / chakra / peak pose / extra ideas to sequence a flow yoga class
  • Breath work instructions and context
  • Students teaching practice – embodied practical experience
  • Yoga props for Yang Yoga

Basic anatomy & the Theory of excersice

  • The physical theory of the practice
  • Anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body
  • Biomechanical principles, joints, their safe movements and stabilization, contraindications
  • Physiology such as nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive systems, respiratory system as they relate to the practice
  • Anatomical and intelligent alignment principles
  • Aesthetic vs. functional alignment
  • Everyone’s unique variation of the structure of our skeleton
  • Compression vs tension
  • Fascia and tensegrity
  • The piezoelectric principle in the pose


  • Mindfulness history, concept and practice
  • Anatomy of the mind
  • An invitation to mindful living

Self Healing Toolbox

  • Learn about Meridians and the Chi flow
  • Tools to transformation
  • Dan Tien Healing Breath
  • Basics of Oriental Medicine & Ayurveda

Yoga Foundation: History, Philosophy & Ethics:

  • Overview of different yoga styles, history and people
  • The 8 limbs of yoga and Patanjali yoga sutras
  • Pranayama
  • Chakras
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Spiritual concepts

Professional development

  • Class management
  • General professionalism
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Credentialing process with Yoga Alliance
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct
  • Equity in Yoga

Daily Yoga Practice

  • Morning Yang Yoga
  • Opportunity for Self-practice / Sadhana
  • Different styles of dynamic yoga are explored and deepening the knowledge of Yang Flow Yoga
  • Afternoon Yin Yoga immersion
  • Yang and Yin sequence and poses analysis
  • Yang and Yin Yoga interactive workshops and student lead classes

Sunset circles

  • Different active meditations, Yoga Nidra, chanting, healing sessions, sharing circles, circles of transformation, mindful sunset walks…

200 Hours Yang & Yin Yoga TTC


Foundational YOGA ALLIANCE Teacher Training & YIN YOGA THERAPY™ Diploma

With successful completion of the in-person training and the online content, students will receive a 200 hour Yoga Alliance-affiliated Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300 – registered school with Yoga Alliance).

Additionally, after the in-person immersion students will receive a 150-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ practitioner diploma which is a building block for our 700 hours of Yin Yoga Therapy™ education as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(ACU) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, affiliated with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and owner of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300).

Heidi Kokborg

“It was amazing. I had such a wonderful time and I’m so glad I decided to come. I absolutely loved the training. Whether you are already a yoga teacher or not I am sure you will find value in this beautiful training and practice. I have learned so much. I cannot say enough good things about this training. I had such a wonderful time during the training and I learned so much. I really think it was a fantastic teacher training and I’m looking forward to doing many more trainings and retreats with the Body-Mind-Soul Centre in the future.”

Heidi Kokborg
Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Denmark
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