100 hour / 2 weeks Yin Yoga & Meditation March 2025

Mar 3, 2025
Mar 15, 2025


Get your 100-hrs yin yoga & meditation teacher certification with this training, stand-alone or as module block of our 300-hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training program & 700-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ education.

Incl. accommodation, three daily meals on study days, program & manual.

We invite you to join us for this 2-week training at our beautiful beach location in Goa to explore the synergies of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation.

Join us to step on this soulful path of personal development and holistic wellness to uncover the essence of mindfulness. You get to learn about Yin Yoga Therapy™ and mindfulness techniques to cultivate balance for yourself and to be able to guide others on their journey to inner peace.

Through experiential learning, in-depth theory, and practical techniques, you’ll uncover the subtle yet powerful nuances of Yin Yoga Therapy™ and meditation. Gain a thorough understanding of the chi flow and energy meridians, and the anatomical and therapeutic effects of each pose. Discover all about mindfulness practices, including understanding the anatomy of the mind from a yogic perspective, cultivating awareness through breath, mind and body as well as exploring more active mindfulness practices.

Get inspired to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and get to know its benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health. Understand the psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness, its effects on stress reduction, emotional regulation, and cognitive-behavioral aspects.

We aim to equip you with a deep understanding of the Yin Yoga Therapy™ approach, leading you on a journey through the Daoist philosophy and its therapeutic insights. Throughout this journey, you’ll investigate the functional aspects of poses and their anatomical intricacies, alongside exploring the ancient healing wisdom of Acupuncture Meridians and the flow of Chi within the body.

Our program is meticulously crafted to empower you in mastering the art of guiding Yin Yoga and mindfulness experiences. You will gain skills in facilitating group sessions, managing dynamics, and providing constructive feedback while upholding ethical guidelines and trauma-sensitive considerations.

To offer you a well-rounded journey you will be introduced to a wealth of supporting tools and techniques to enhance this process. You will be invited to join diverse holistic healing experiences such as sound baths, yoga Nidra, cacao ceremonies, and chanting circles. Within our Circles of Transformation, we foster a nurturing environment for connection and sharing, collectively embarking on a journey towards profound and enduring transformation.

Join us in creating a community dedicated to fostering compassion, nurturing presence, resilience, and inner peace not only for your practice and teaching but for your life.


Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher 100 hr Certification


Mindfulness Meditation Defined

  • Understanding the concept of mindfulness
  • Historical roots and development of mindfulness meditation
  • Differentiating mindfulness from other meditation practices

Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

  • The Anatomy of the Mind from a traditional yogic perspective
  • Exploring the breath as a foundational anchor
  • Body scan meditation: Cultivating awareness of bodily sensations
  • Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
  • Mindful active meditations / Walking meditation
  • Sequencing and structuring mindfulness meditation sessions

Mindful Living

  • Qualities for mindful living
  • Essentials of a Mindfulness Approach in a Nutshell
  • 4 Practical Guidelines for a Mindfulness Meditation Practice – R-A-I-N
  • Benefits of mindfulness meditation for mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Cultivating a daily personal practice

Psychology and Neuroscience of Mindfulness

  • Overview of the neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Understanding the default mode network and its relevance to mindfulness
  • Applications of mindfulness in stress reduction and emotional regulation
  • Psychosomatic effects of mindfulness on the brain and body
  • Cognitive-behavioral aspects of mindfulness meditation
  • Research: Mindfulness works

Foundation, Definition and Theory of Yin Yoga Therapy

  • Physical
  • Energetic
  • Soul & Mind

Yin Yoga Practice

  • 35 regular yin yoga poses +
  • Additional upper body poses, wall poses and modifications
  • Functional and energetic aspects of the poses
  • How and when to use props
  • Intelligent sequencing
  • Sequences for each Daoist element and each meridian

Yin Therapy, Chi & the Meridian Flow in the Body

  • Yin / yang / chi defined
  • Five Daoist elements
  • 12 primary traditional Oriental Medicine Meridians & their healing wisdom
  • Meridians addressed in each pose
  • Energetic and emotional value of each pose
  • The 3 different ways to activate chi flow
  • The transformative power of the rebound

Basic Anatomy & the Theory of Exercise

  • The physical theory of the practice
  • Aesthetic vs. functional alignment
  • Compression vs tension
  • Sensory processing, interoception & proprioception
  • When and how to apply yin yoga principles in physical therapy to release pain

The Art of Teaching & Guiding

  • Intention / Expression / Context / Tools
  • Trauma-aware approach to teaching yin & guiding mindfulness experiences

Daily Yoga Practice

  • Yin yoga immersion
  • Mindfulness meditations and other mindfulness practices
  • Morning class of dynamic yang styles of yoga for the balance

Sunset / Sunrise Circles

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Conscious Connection Sharing Circles
  • Chanting Circle / Kirtan
  • Mindful sunset / sunrise walks …

100 HOURS Yin Yoga & MIndfulness Meditation


Accreditation as module block of 300-hrs Yoga Alliance Certification & 700-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™

With successful completion of the training, students will receive a Yoga Alliance-affiliated 100-hrs certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300 – registered school with Yoga Alliance). which can be accredited to the 300-hrs Yoga Alliance certification program (or alternatively can count as Yoga Alliance continuing education credits).

Additionally, students will receive a 100-hrs Yin Yoga – & Meditation diploma which is a building block for our 700 hours of Yin Yoga Therapy™ education as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(ACU) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, affiliated with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and owner of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300).

Your lead trainer in this course:

Your lead trainer for this module, Manuela Sauter, shares with you from her ongoing experience of being deeply immersed in a Buddhist way of life as meditation guide in the Tushita centre in Dharmsala on the foothills of the Himalayas and the seat in exile of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Tushita centre https://tushita.info/ is a traditional institution for the study and practice of Buddhism from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition, where she supports their events and courses on Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

Manuela Sauter

  • Venue

    Nalanda Retreat Goa India

    Goa has become a well-visited winter getaway where yoga is celebrated and spiritual activities are on a daily schedule: sunrise yoga sessions on the beach, reiki healing courses, meditation, and just about every other form of spiritual exploration, are all practised freely.

closing circle yin yoga certification goa

“Highly recommended! It was a fantastic inner journey! Exploring the ‘I am’. Releasing emotions, feeling chi flowing.
Very grateful to make this choice and to decide to give this training to myself as a gift.
Living your true self… is possible (also you can learn at this training).”

Marianne Timmermans
Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in the Netherlands
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