100 hour / 2 weeks Yin & Plant Medicine Jul-Aug 2024

Jul 22, 2024
Aug 3, 2024


100-hrs module – Stand-alone or part of the 700-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ education

& 300-hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training program (80-hrs)

Incl. accommodation, two daily meals on study days, program & manual.

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Delve with us into Yin Yoga and Plant Medicine, learn about the healing properties of plants, and make homemade herbal remedies yourself. Get to know about permaculture principles and your digestive system health, high-vibe foods, and the mind-body connection.

Embark on a transformative journey through this two-week Yin Yoga teacher training program packed with enriching experiences and fascinating insights into holistic healing modalities. Understand how to teach Yin Yoga skillfully with the TCM Meridians, how to activate Acupressure Points, and how to choose the right corresponding Essential Oil to promote physical and emotional well-being.

The most powerful medicinal herbs have been used for centuries in cultures around the globe, discover with us the remarkable healing properties of medicinal plants from diverse ancient traditions. Through experiential learning and practical workshops, participants develop skills in incorporating these modalities into their Yin Yoga teaching and personal wellness practices.

Get to know permaculture principles as you learn how sustainable living starts from the soil. Permaculture mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature to create self-sustaining ecosystems, fostering biodiversity and resilience.

Explore the intriguing contrasts between allopathic and natural medicine, gaining insight into when each approach is most beneficial. While allopathic medicine focuses on treating symptoms, natural medicine often addresses the root causes of illness, promoting holistic wellness.

Did you know that herbal actions like adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic provide targeted benefits for various health concerns? You’ll learn about the diverse actions of medicinal plants and their applications for different ailments.

Uncover the aromatic allure of essential oils, from their diverse extraction processes to their myriad therapeutic benefits. Learn about acupuncture points and where to apply the oils beneficial for your Yin yoga practice when teaching with the Daoist elements and meridians.

Indulge in the joy of creating your own natural remedies with a home pharmacy kit, where you’ll learn to craft everything from soothing body butter to invigorating perfumes.

Deepen your understanding of digestive health and the importance of a balanced diet, exploring the concept of high-vibe foods for vitality and well-being. Incorporating medicinal plants into your diet can enhance immune function, support digestion, and promote overall vitality. Engage with us in daily consumption of medicinal plants through refreshing drinks and beverages, integrating wellness into your everyday routine.

We will come together in heartwarming circles, where you’ll reflect on your journey and set intentions for the future, accompanied by the rich aroma and indulgent taste of ceremonial cacao. Through experiential learning, hands-on workshops, and vibrant discussions, this immersive training program empowers participants to weave the magic of holistic healing into their teaching and personal wellness practices, fostering transformation and growth.


Yin & Plant Medicine

Yin Yoga & Holistic Healing

Plant Medicine

  • Permaculture – It all starts from the soil
  • Allopathy vs Plant Medicine
  • Natural medicine – The heritage of indigenous plant medicine wisdom.
  • Scientific research about medicinal plants
  • Herbal medicine according to body systems and different ailments
  • Herbal action terms such as Adaptogen, Anti spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory etc. (covering 20 herbal action terms)

Essential Oils

  • Essential oils and their benefits (covering 20-30 oils)
  • Different extraction processes like steam distillation, tincture etc
  • Using oils in different modalities like breathwork, massage etc
  • Combine Essential Oils with Yin Yoga – Meridians, Acupuncture Points

Home Pharmacy Kit

  • Essential oils to the rescue
  • Acupressure points to activate your self-healing forces
  • DYI – Make your own shampoo, body butters, tooth powder, perfume etc
  • Making your own medicine according to the herbal actions. Learning, exploring and applying with a self reliance approach.

We Are What & How We Eat

  • Importance of food and diet
  • Digestive system, gut, microbiome, how to maintain and cleanse it.
  • Food groups and nutrition.
  • Application routes – Practical and creative ways to integrate plant medicine in daily life.
  • How thoughts affect our health
  • Energy Medicine – Somatic tools that improve our health.
  • We will be taking in medicinal plants everyday in the form of drinks, teas, shots, oils, beverages etc. as part of the course.

Yin Yoga Foundations

While practicing yin yoga on its own offers immense benefits, incorporating additional holistic healing methods can elevate the experience into a comprehensive healing journey.

To establish a strong foundation for both personal practice and teaching, Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(Acu) will guide you through the principles and components of yin yoga, drawing from the original teachings of Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, and Bernie Clark. This includes understanding individual skeletal structures, achieving functional alignment, and effectively engaging with ‘yin tissue’ to not only stretch but also strengthen them. You’ll delve into the physical benefits of poses, safe techniques for guiding students in and out of postures, and intelligent sequencing principles tailored to anatomical needs and energetic considerations.

We introduce you to the ancient wisdom of the Taoist philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridians, and the flow of Chi within the body. You’ll gain understanding of major Meridians and Acupressure Points, and learn to seamlessly integrate them into your yin yoga practice. Additionally, you’ll explore the activation of acupressure points using thoughtfully selected Essential Oils with the matching coresponding qualities, to enhance both physical and emotional well-being.

Transforming a yin yoga class into a healing experience requires both knowledge and practice. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your teaching skills with a hands on practice of how to create a trauma-aware, supportive environment for both energetic and physical healing to unfold.

Yin Yoga Foundation

  • The Components of Yin
  • The Practice Principles
  • The Transformative Power of the Rebound

Yin Yoga Practice

  • Classic Yin Yoga Poses
  • Variations + Additional Poses for the Upper Body
  • Sequences for each Taoist Element / Meridians
  • Sequencing Guidelines
  • Asana Lab

Yin Yoga & the Movement Mechanics of the Body

  • The Theory of Exercise, Fascia & “Yin Tissue”
  • Aesthetic vs. Functional Alignment
  • Compression vs. Tension

Therapeutic Aspects of Yin

  • The Concept of Balance, Yin & Yang and Chi
  • TCM Meridians & the Taoist Elements, and their Physical, Emotional and Energetic Value
  • Extracurricular Workshop on Acupressure Points & Correlating Essential Oils

The Art of Teaching Yin

  • Intention / Expression / Context / Tools
  • The art of sequencing a yin class
  • Mindfulness applied
  • Trauma-sensitive teaching
  • Embodied Practical Experience

Daily Practice

  • Daily Yin Yoga Healing Immersion
  • Daily Meditations & Mindfulness Practices

Cacao Ceremony & Sharing Circles

We will come together for different active meditations and in heartwarming circles, where you’ll reflect on your journey and set intentions for the future.

Our final graduation circle will be a Cacao Ceremony, guided by the rich aroma and indulgent taste of ceremonial cacao. A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred gathering where participants come together to honor the spirit of cacao and its profound healing properties. Cacao, known as “the food of the gods” by ancient civilizations, is revered for its heart-opening and grounding qualities, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and others. The ceremony offers a space for self-reflection, healing, and spiritual growth, creating a sense of unity and harmony within the community where students are invited to set intentions, release emotional blockages, and cultivate gratitude and presence.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” (Hippocrates)



Accreditation as 80-hrs module block of 300-hrs Yoga Alliance Certification
& 100-hrs module of Yin Yoga Therapy™ Professional Diploma

  • With successful completion of the training, students will receive a Yoga Alliance-affiliated certificate from The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300 – registered school with Yoga Alliance) of 80 hours, which can be accredited to the 300-hrs Yoga Alliance certification program (or alternatively as stand-alone program it can count as Yoga Alliance continuing education credits).
  • Additionally, students will receive a 100-hrs Yin Yoga & Plant Medicine certificate which is a building block for our 700 hours of Yin Yoga Therapy™ Professional diploma as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(ACU) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, affiliated with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and owner of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS 300).
  • Venue

    Body-Mind-Soul Bali

    Find us in Ubud, Bali’s cultural and spiritual heart! Nestled amidst lush rice paddies and tropical forests, Ubud is a vibrant hub of art, wellness, and Balinese tradition and it certainly has become the hot spot of Balis yoga scene.

Sam Shine

Sam Shine – Plant Medicine Expert and Lead Teacher in this course:

Sam Shine comes from a long line of well-respected hakims, revered for their healing powers and service to royal families. His mission is to reintegrate indigenous plant wisdom into modern life, viewing plant medicine as a birthright and an ancient practice intrinsic to human existence.

Following his heritage and guided by intuition, Sam embarked on the path of natural healing and founded Ygeia (www.ygeiax.com) in 2007 on a mission to provide high-quality plant medicine to humankind. Nestled in the sacred mountains of Dharamshala on the foothills of the Himalayas, he finds solace in foraging wild mushrooms and medicinal plants, cherishing moments of stillness. He considers it a profound blessing to be a conduit for ancestral wisdom through Ygeia.

Ygeia’s research scientists, all volunteers or doctors from Workaway, diligently connect plant medicinal research to authentic journals. Over time, Ygeia has evolved into a global entity, offering premium herbal remedies across more than 10 countries.

In Sam’s own words:

“In today’s fast-paced, technological world, using herbs as medicine is a radical way to personal empowerment and good health. Working with plants, growing plants, and processing them for our health encourages us to become the guardians of the planet and feel more in touch with Mother Earth. Plants are sentient, intelligent, and magical. By working with plants, we can expect deeper, more lasting healing and we come to recognize that the natural world is full of magic! Working with the Sun and the Moon whilst in a state of reciprocity with the plants.

I want to empower people to become self-reliant, self-responsible, and self-sufficient in caring for their health and the health of their families. There is also great encouragement to forge a deeper connection with the Sacredness of Nature and our Plant Relations.”

Sam Shine
The founder of Ygeia – an expert in plant medicine
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