“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Yin Yoga  course. All I knew was that I loved the yin yoga classes I attended in Australia, and wanted to deepen my understanding and practice. The course surpassed my expectations, it was awesome.
Alex and Eva are deep with experience, knowledge and wisdom on yin yoga and how it relates to the body mind and soul. They expertly, clearly, and deeply cover the many elements of yin yoga, such as:
Asanas, the Meridian system, the Daoist 5 elements, the different organs of the body that the different Asanas effect. How to teach a class, and much more.
This information is repeated, gently again and again, to help our systems absorb the information.
The class itself is held in such an encouraging, warm, and supportive holding that overcomes any fears that may come up, and makes you feel that anything and everything is possible. The class was not only deeply informative, it was also fun, and the class I was with became very connected and supportive of each other. New, deep friendships were made. I can highly recommended this course to everyone.” 


“Don’t think, just come! I highly recommend this Yin Yoga teacher training. My month spent in Goa was incredibly enriching. I have gained deep insight into the Daoist 5 Elements and Meridian energy flow in the body, and am now equipped with the teaching tools and confidence to take my students (and myself!) on a truly transformational journey.”

Camilla Marsh
Annelise Manchanda Piers, Yin Yoga Therapy Ambassador in Bangalore

“Alex has an in-depth knowledge of meridians and acupuncture and this validates the yin yoga course she offers. It was a brilliant experience for me, hard work but well worth the results in the end. Eva taught me yin yoga theory, she was very clear and concise and has a very gentle but effective teaching approach. This style of teaching also applies to her yoga classes which I really enjoyed.”

Velery Gregory

“My Yin Yoga session by Alexandra was simply exceptional. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to continuing my Yin Yoga practice.”

Manil Gupta

“I had the pleasure of doing a 200 Yin Yoga TTC with Alex and Eva. Both of them are amazing people who love to share their knowledge, I got so much information! Meridians, asanas, the human body and more. There wasn’t a question that was left unanswered. One of my favourite parts was that we began teaching ourselves as soon as possible, so we got to practice the theory first-hand multiple times. Their energy created a safe space to succeed and fail. Every student’s class was analyzed in order to give us a better understanding of how to improve according to our abilities and personalities. In the end what I loved most was that Alex and Eva are truly passionate about what they’re doing and are generous with sharing it.”

Yael Kovalivker

The Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat was a week well spent tapping into the earth’s vibrations, connecting with one another and ourselves. We are ever grateful to Alexandra Denkinger, who was the ideal stimulus to guide the retreat towards achieving higher levels of well being, through Yoga and Acupuncture. She reminded us that the world is full of magical things, igniting within us the spark to listen intuitively, cultivate inspiration and clear the fog of confusion.

Meghna from Kyo Spaces