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Alexandra Denkinger, Acupuncture Therapist (M.D.Acu), RYT 500 and owner of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre (RYS), is an inspired Body-Mind-Soul Bio-Hacker, dedicated to help people empower themselves to live the most authentic, healthy life possible.

As an all-time seeker on a soul-searching journey she travelled the the globe and came in touch with many different healing systems and yoga styles. Eventually she moved from Germany to India to immerse herself in Ayurveda and Yoga nearly two decades ago.
Alexandra hosts Nature Adventure Retreats, where she loves to take a group of people to outstanding locations and/ or to engage in nature activities like Trekking in Ladakh, Surfing in Sri Lanka, Bouldering in Hampi or Stand Up Paddle Board Excursions & SUP Yoga in Goa. Besides these active, fun-loving events her main passion is the immersion in Yin Yoga Therapy Trainings, Mindfulness Practices and Healing & Transformation Retreats and Workshops.

In her Yin Yoga teachings she integrates the ancient wisdom of Acupuncture Meridians and Chi flow in a meditative Yoga practice. In a Daoist/ Zen way, the focus is the on the value of breath, insight & intuition – supporting a lifestyle that feels in alignment with our deepest self.

Alexandra runs the Body-Mind-Soul Centre in Mandrem, Goa, were she offers counseling sessions and a variety of holistic treatments. Here she looks at the patient’s whole system, environmental, emotional and physical. She breaks down complex theories from different healing systems into digestible chunks for use in our daily life and offers practical information and encouragement to feel healthy, vital, joyful and free.

Alexandra about herself:

”I like to see myself as a Body-Mind-Soul Bio-hacker. I counsel people and I help to heal their wounds. Physical, but mostly emotional. I did not intend to do this. When it came to me though, I knew it is my calling. I am passionate about it.

For me healing ourselves is our responsibility and an expression of environmental activism. We are healing the world by healing ourselves. And healing is actually very simple, it is an uttermost natural thing. Of course not everything can be healed, but most things thought incurable can be. Every organism has a basic instinct to be healed.

Energy flows where attention goes. I believe the good life is a matter of mind and soul and open to everyone. The body never lies. I listen, look and reflect to help you to activate your own healing abilities.
My goal is to empower you to live the most authentic, healthy life possible. A life that feels in alignment with your deepest self. Nothing brings me more joy than to watch this happen.
I live and work with dedication, extraordinary intention and the spirit of liberation from convention”.

Disha Deshpande  

Disha Deshpande represents our Indian origin Yang influence. She is a music journalist turned yoga teacher with an RYT 900 hrs in Hatha Yoga and RYT 200 hrs in Ashtanga Vinyasa. She is a Vipassana Meditator, Reiki Healer and Innerwork Facilitator.
Introduced to Yoga already at age 4, she turned to meditation during her teenage years to understand and establish a deeper communication with the self. Trained in classical dance and a movement lover, she incorporates various art modalities into her work. Her classes are multi-style – Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Body Basics. Specialising in alignment, her work is targeted at working with injuries and problems in the body, to help the student to develop a practice that is preventive, rather than curative.
You will find her hosting some of the sunset circles, and her morning yang classes with her cheerful attitude and uplifting spirit are providing us with good energy for the rest of the day!


Eleonora teaches yoga and meditation and is a passionate Breather and Ecstatic Dancer. She is a dedicated Vipassana meditator for many years. Eleonora got into meditation in 2010 in London then made landfall on the wide territory of yoga where she has grounded herself by the practices of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin. 

Eleonora’s teachings are embedded in the rich soil of yoga, tantra and mindfulness. For her these are an embodied and encompassing approach to vibrant connected living. 

You will experience her signature style Prana Body Flow moving yang style classes which she describes as a ‘Tantra-infused dynamic practice of yoga that combines mindfulness, mudras and pranayama techniques’. This particular meditative process of dynamic yoga invites the fullness of every experience to be led by the Heart/Tantra so that we open to the flow of the universe, trust our instincts and inner intelligence, embrace ritual and bow to the mystic love that moves us creating the ground for alchemical transformation.

Eleonora is our Mindfulness expert and teaches Breathing and Metta Bhavana (from the Theravada Buddhist tradition). You also will find her giving traditional yoga philosophy lectures as well as yin and yang classes.

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Since she can remember Eva Lisanne Brouwer has been deeply fascinated by life, the body and health. This interest brought her early in her life to explore alternative medicine, bodywork, naturopathy and body-mind awareness.

A body aficionado, always her passion is for the quiet practices. Besides being a compassionate yoga teacher and massage therapist, she is also our Reiki and Yoga Nidra expert.

In her early twenties Eva left the Netherlands and started travelling to further explore and broaden her experience. This brought her to body/mind/emotional awareness training with horses in Australia and various retreats and courses on awareness and the body around the world. Eva currently spends most of her time Sri Lanka and travels a lot.

The love for living and exploring life from a place of truth with this very moment as all we have and its never ending depths and beauty is what keeps deeply moving her as a main priority in life. Eva’s passion for awareness, yoga, massage and the several forms of bodywork come from her own experience with these tools for nurturing a deep sense of peace, healing and wellbeing.

Eva about Yin Yoga:

“If I would have to choose, Yin Yoga is my absolute favorite form of Yoga. It allows me to slow down and consciously embrace the present moment while including and deeply nourishing the body.”


The Body-Mind-Soul Centre

Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance

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The Body-Mind-Soul Centre  is a registered school with Yoga Alliance and we are honoured to collaborate with teachers from a wonderful diverse and experienced background.

The ethos of the Body-Mind-Soul Centre is to apply the teachings and practices of the yoga tradition to go on an exploration to investigate the relationship of our body, mind and soul. Ultimately to gain clarity, to understand our nature, to create harmony between us and others and to experience freedom and joy.

In a Taoist / Zen way, we emphasise the value of breath, meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or rigorous following of old scriptures and perfect alignments. EveryBody is different, so it matters how a pose feels much more than how it is supposed to look.

We see teaching yoga as an art fuelled by authenticity and creativity. A students personal practice and the understanding that follows spark the inner teacher and sharing with others will come naturally and spontaneously.

We acknowledge and emphasise that every student and teacher has his or her own unique presence, energy, and teaching style. The Body-Mind-Soul Centre provides an ideal environment for learning and a practice process, where yoga teacher teacher training courses are presented and practiced in depth.

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Our Yoga Teacher Certificate is offered in affiliation with Yoga Alliance and the Yin Yoga Therapy Training Diploma is offered as a component of Alexandra Denkinger M.D.(Acu) physical therapy practice, licensed and registered as Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D. (ACU) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.